Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I received some rather upsetting news this morning, and I knew I had to do one thing: fly. Whenever I'm upset, I fly. It helps me get my mind off things. However, I still found myself upset even while I was in the air. I found out earlier today that my mom has a 90% blockage in her artery, in her heart. So I had a lot on my mind during my flight.

Today I had my 300th flight in just two and a half years. I flew with Torrey Bob (and his wife, Donna) and Kevin. I looked over and saw an Iwa bird flying next to me (I captured it on video, although it's hard to see). I thought of him as my brother, letting me know everything would be okay. I also imagined flying with my mom. She had her first flight with Reaper last Halloween and all she talks about is flying again. I would like to become a tandem pilot so I can eventually take her with me. That is her dream; and my dream, too.

I know Torrey Bob was interested in going XC, but I didn't feel that today was that great of a day. It was somewhat overcast and we even flew through and around a small squall. We waved at the tourists looking up from the boat ramp and landed in somewhat gusty air.

Torrey Bob's landing is here. And a short video I put together of my flight is here.


Thom said...

A good flight is good for the mind and heart.

Sorry to hear about your mom, but as we get older you will find occurrences of this more frequent. Hopefully flying will always bring us peace of mind.

Keep flying 300 was a great number for me too and 400 is just a few flights away.


Duck said...

Bon Bon,
Sorry to have heard the news, but at least now you know and you, your family, your mom and her doctors can deal with the blockage.

Congrats on fly 300!

If you need anything, please let me know.

TorreyBob and Donna said...

So sorry to hear about your mom. Modern medicine has come a long way and issues like your mom's can be taken care of. Our thoughts are with you. Thanks so much for the video and site guidance. Fun flying with you,

TorreyBob and Donna

MauiDoug said...

So sorry to hear about your Mom! Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery! Congrats on flight #300 way to go Bonnie :-)

Alex said...

Best wishes to your mom, Bonnie! And thanks for posting the flight report, pictures and video! I feel like I was there with you guys.

Bon Bon said...

Thanks for the kind words and high hopes. I know my mom would be upset i posted this.

Happy Birthday, mom, I love you!