Sunday, October 02, 2011

Monkey Pod

This was going to be a story about optimism, patience, hope, faith, and other virtues that inspire us to triumph over the hardship of a marginally flyable day. Or it was going to be about the surreal feeling of returning to flight after missing two whole flying days for the first time in over a month. But ultimately, today's story is just the simple tale of a few flying monkeys who wanted it bad enough. And of a certain proud monkey who got to try his new pod harness for the first third time. The biggest, blackest, comfiest, sleekest, hottest pod in the monkey universe.

Today's weather was nothing like the light conditions the forecasters predicted. Many monkeys were chagrined to find their ambitions for yet another day of epic cross country flying dashed by strong easterly trades. But some of us were determined to get into the air. I watched the sensor all morning, waiting for the airflow to veer less easterly and to blow less briskly. After a few promising readings, I headed out to the beach, where I waited for an hour, watching the whitecaps on the water and the clouds racing by overhead. Finally, it looked like we had a window.

Thom showed up to join me just in time, with a new toy packed into his backpack, and we hiked up to try our luck. It was still a bit brisk and bit east. We launched from low east launch, and chased each other around the ridges, staying mostly low in the bowl. I practiced touch and goes, wingovers, ding dongs, and spirulations, while Thom raced around low in his new big black spaceship. (Resistance is futile - you will be assimilated.) Thom had managed to launch with a heinous compression knot in his old Sport 4, but even hobbled by partial brake input, that old dog sped through the sky like it had a big black rocket strapped underneath.

After we'd flown for an hour, Bonnie hiked up and sat herself down at low launch to assess conditions. We proceeded to buzz her with low passes and high five attempts. Of which a few were actually successful.

She finally decided to join us in the brisk conditions, just about the time we were getting thirsty. Thom landed first, and then I waited to make sure she launched safely before joining him down there. Visiting Maui pilots JJ and his daughter Haley were at the LZ when we landed. Not long after that, Berndt and K-Larry showed up to check out the scene.

I shot some footage with my phone, and I have included it here mostly raw and uncut, to give Thom an idea of how awesome that new pod harness looks.


James Bender said...

You can actually see the dimple in the trailing edge from that compress
knot on Tom's wing.

Thom said...

First thanks for the video and that awesome song, I would like to buy that one.

Ok you've all been waiting for some feed back on the new Sol XcX harness. Well Alex hit it right with all comments.

I have not flown a bunch of Harnesses but this one beats all as far as comfort. HOT yes I found it to be very hot the first few times until I realized that I could open the front to let some air in. Its made for high flying. Weight shift is great with the side board wraps that hold your arse from sliding around.

I admit the final Price was a shocker once the smoke cleared on the foreign import fees, taxes and shipping. This harness is growing on me after 3 flights (It was first time at KNA 2 previous at MPU)

Anyone who wants to try this bad boy your more than Welcome too. The simulator will be at the house all week I am reluctantly leaving the harness here while I am in Maui. Harness will be in the Garage out of the sun. I will be back on Sunday but monitoring the Chatter so let me know who has it. Also there will be packing instructions left in garage. It has to be packed just right to get it into your ruck sack. If your sack is not big enough the SOL will be there with the harness.

The compression not in my trusty Sport4 was massive but for this wing it only affected it slightly.

I have my Synergy back and can't wait to be totally SOLd on this harness.

Weight!! just a littttle bit more than Alex's Tonto so not an issue. But for you light weights that have been toting the light weight harnesses it will be a load. Oh, well I know most of you need the exercise.

All for now
Sidehill's Wing Wash and Equipment Storage.

Ka'a'awa Larry said...

I just can't decide if it looks more like a soapbox derby racer without the wheels or a giant suppository.

In any event, I would NEVER fly one of those awful looking things....never ever.

(How much are they and what's the delivery time?)