Friday, October 28, 2011

Smoking Downrange

The weather today was record-breaking good. Five pilots bested or matched their furthest distance downrange from Kahana. Thom and Bill matched their personal bests to land at Hukilau. Duck landed at the point just before the golf course for his personal best. Mad Dog landed at the golf course for his personal best. And I landed in front of the wind farm for my personal best.

We flew more than 50 cumulative miles downrange between the five of us. Later on, Torrey Bob flew with his wife Donna to Hauula, and Maui Doug flew to Punaluu. Kaaawa Larry, Kevin, Bonnie, Jim, and Chili also flew. A wonderful start to a special weekend!


Doug said...

Looks like we have a new state record holder. Congrats!!

I'll be there for a few weeks in December for another run at it.

See you then.

Alex said...

No, it's not that record! Just the Kahana site record, and just in the direction of Kahuku, as opposed to flying to Makapuu. You are still our state record holder. Jorge and I flew from Makapuu to Hukilau Beach in Laie a few weeks back, but we couldn't figure out how to get further than that! Look forward to seeing you in December.

Doug said...

I've been watching your routes.

Nice work pioneering some new ones!

The one in front of the pyramid looks like a great one...not so scary :)

Bon Bon said...

awesome flights...i didn't know so many records were broken on Friday! wish i got out of work sooner. good job, guys! hope to join you on the next one.

Thom said...

I new if we kept posting up big flights we could get the Big Dog back in town.

Keep us posted Doug on your return.

Thanks for the write up Alex and the Pick up!