Monday, October 31, 2011

Thank You All So Much!

Shelly and I want to thank everyone so much for making our Kahana Wedding day so special! We are so touched by all of your love and support! Wow, we are so grateful for all of the generous wedding gifts, peanut can cash and thoughtful cards! We are so blessed to be a part of such a loving, caring, supportive and generous flying family!

We want to say a special thanks to:

Sidehill for the awesome recap of an awesome weekend. After seeing you fly yesterday, Thom, I would like to add another flying monkey handle for you, “SkyHill” It looked like you pulled in across the Bay at like 2,000 feet.

Our minister Kimo from Maui for the perfect wedding ceremony. Kimo commented to us, “Wow, you both are so lucky to be a part of such a special group of people. You just don’t find this type of camaraderie anymore!” He is so right, we are so lucky!

Thank you Friar Duck and Ginger for the perfect wedding feast gift, everything was cooked to perfection and was awesomely delicious! Wow, we are sooo grateful! Thanks Skyhill and Alex for the shopping and Green Egg cooking support!

Thanks Flash, Jorge, Jeff and Bill for your photographic skills and generous gift of your services, we are so grateful to you all for capturing our special day!

Thanks to Alex and FireDave for giving away my bride to be, and to FireDave for picking all of the Plumeria for his tandem flower drop onto the wedding site just as the sun was setting!

Thanks to Dorothy for allowing Alex to safeguard all of the extra refreshments for the next few weeks to come!

Thanks JeffMc for helping set up all of the sites and your gift of campsite #9!

Thanks to Thom and Donna, Pete, Alex, Jim (hot water shower), Ginny, Rich, Five O, Cec, Gaza, Laurel, Maddog, Jeannine, Chili, Tamara, Tommy, Travis and everyone else for setting up a pretty much rainproof and windproof camp and cookout area. I should have asked for your camp engineering skills to help us keep the four inches of water out of our tent.

Thanks to all of the out of town visitors that came to celebrate with us, Torrey Bob and Donna, Don and Yolie, Kaaawa Larry! And also to Dave Z for his congratulations from the Bay Area!

Thanks to the Makapuu crew Frank, Tommy and the Hang Gliding Clan for also coming out to celebrate with us!

Wow, thanks again to all for most perfect wedding weekend celebration ever! We are so truly blessed to be a part of such an awesome flying family! We love you all so much!

Much love and aloha!
Mr. and Mrs. Shelly and Maui Doug

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