Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Meeting/Election/Party/Birthday, Fri Nov 18

Pilots and friends are invited to join us for our final quarterly association meeting and party of the year, on Friday, November 18, at 6 pm, at Fireman Dave and Patti's house in Lanikai. This will be our big annual membership event, where we sign waivers, pay dues, and elect officers. Please remember to bring your annual dues of $20, thanks. After a quick meeting, we'll move on to the celebrating. It's not just a paragliding party, it's also the 50th birthday celebration for our erstwhile local pilot Jetflap Jeff, who will be back in town visiting.

Patti and Dave are once again graciously offering us the use of their fabulous house for the event. We are grateful for their boundless generosity and hospitality. Thanks, guys!

Finally, please remember to bring a potluck item: a pupu, something for the grill, or a side dish. Also, don't forget your favorite beverage. Feel free to make a note in the comments below if you know what potluck item you'd like to bring, so we don't all end up bringing the same thing.

See you all there!

More details will be posted here as the date gets closer. Feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas.


Dave and Patti are at 505 Paumakua Place. As you head past Buzz's Steak House, don't take the left into Lanikai, take the right to go back behind Lanikai, and then take a left on Paumakua Place. The house is not visible from the street, since it's located at the end of a long private drive. There is plenty of space on the street for parking.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, you guys have called me some nasty names before...but erstwhile? That is really below the belt...

Alex said...

Very funny! It's my favorite word and I rarely get to use it. I wish it didn't apply to you! It was a sad day for us all when you and Lana moved away. We're just lucky you have the uncle connection. Maybe one day we'll get you back here for good!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Alex, and I do truly appreciate your kind comments...but it doesn't explain why you had my going away party...after I left!!!

And fear not...if I ever lose my uncle connection...and when I come back for 3-4 weeks at a time...I will definitely plan on staying with you!

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Gravity said...

Bad timing for me. I will be in the Philippines on a dive trip with Big Mike until the 21st. WWII tanks, shark dives up in the north.

You guys have fun, and I did send an invite to all my newest students, so if you see an unfamiliar face say aloha; it may be a new student.


Anonymous said...

Okay pilots. Guess, I'll be the first to post our potluck dish...We plan to bring a healthy salad filled with mixed greens, edamame, kahuku corn, farmer's market tomatoes, cilantro, brocolli, tanioka's celery, and sumida's watercress along with my secret home-made oriental salad dressing. See you all at 6 p.m.

Airborne's better half (BIG smile)

Kevin said...

I made a big bowl of guacamole... see you guys tonight.

sandy said...

I'll be making a quick stop at Foodland on my way from work --

they have Boneless Beef Loin NY Roast on sale, so I'll get that if one of our esteemed barbq masters tells me that it is good fare for the grill AND they are willing to season and cook it for the masses :-)

otherwise I'll get pasta salad or some such ...