Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy Kualoa

A spirited group of protesters swarmed the grassy expanse of Kualoa Regional Park this weekend, spreading a message of meteorological malfeasance to the assembled masses, who were just trying to enjoy their bouncy houses and barbecues. Eschewing the usual signs and slogans, these silent and cryptic protesters raised colorful canopies above their heads and proceeded to dash around wildly, sometimes leaping into the air, and other times lying down as their polychromatic parasols remained parked over their heads.

And what were they protesting? Corporate greed and corruption? Economic and political oppression? No - these activists were gathering to protest the weekend's stunningly beautiful weather. Grounded from their customary aerial pastime for a few days by temporary flying restrictions associated with dignitaries at a trade conference, these recreational revolutionaries had been counting on truly terrible weekend weather to ease the pain of their deprivation. But as Saturday's initial gale force winds subsided, they knew they'd been double crossed by the man. So they decided to organize a peaceful demonstration to protest the perfect flying conditions.

At least a dozen protesters showed up over the course of the weekend. Saturday's conditions were just right for protesting, but on Sunday the wind was a big light to keep the canopies inflated. Some protestors were pleased for the chance to show off new toys: Jeff's Factor 2 and Scrappy's Zion 17 definitely stole the show. Roll call for the weekend's activities: New student Lake, Maui Doug, me, Jim, Jeff McStalker, Scrappy, Sharky, Chili, Canadian Brent, Ginny, JK, Laura, and visitor Cashmere Denise.


Thom said...

Thanks for keeping the record updated.

I will be expecting you to really ramp up the writing for the next few weeks while I am grounded.

Anonymous said...

Aerial Bouncy Houses

Stalker said...

Thanks for the pics Alex!

Bon Bon said...

Bummed I missed you guys...I was across the street at w**k. I was even driving jeeps on Sat and still missed you guys somehow.

Nick Johnson said...

Another literary classic by the Prez. Enjoyed it immensely