Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Chapter of the Year

I just got an e-mail from USHPA that says we were awarded Chapter of the Year for 2011. This is the second time we've received this award in four years -- the last time was in 2007. I know firsthand that you are all amazing people, and we certainly have a great club, but that's a whole lot of recognition. I gotta wonder who the greedy bastard was that nominated us for the second time. I mean, come on, there must be tons of other great chapters out there. Either we just have more guys clamoring for recognition, or we really are top notch. Or both! Here's to the inimitable flying monkeys of the Hawaii Paragliding Association!

I love that we always have a few guys in our club who wonder why we even need to have a club. God bless those guys -- I hope someone is always asking that question. But this award is the answer! Quoting from the e-mail:
This award is given annually by the Association to recognize outstanding contributions towards our sports. Reasons given for this honor include an ever-changing and updated website resource, a great sense of community and participation, sharing of collective free-flight information for pilots at all skill levels, an annual fly-in, and a sense of welcome and acceptance for all newcomers and existing members.
Each and every one of you shares this award. We must be doing something right. I've never been prouder to be a flying monkey!


Ka'a'awa Larry said...

First my initial instructor gets "Instructor of the year" and now my favorite group of guys gets "Club of the year". Life just gets better and better.
I probably would not have gotten into this wonderfully addictive sport/lifestyle had it not been for the warm acceptance and good natured kidding that bubbled up at my first few stops at KNA beach. Since those impromptu meetings I have gotten an endless stream of instruction, direction and pointers from the whole gaggle. I feel like many of my club brothers have taken a special interest in my learning and my current level of participation and proficiency is a reflection of their help. Thanks to you all.

I am always proud to say tht I am a HPA Flying Monkey whenever I travel and people ask where my home flying site is.

Thanks to you all.....You're my "Club of the Year" every year!!

Thom said...

Did we do this again. The first time I was just a driver/groupy. Ike had been flying for a few years and I would hang around with the Monkeys just because it was fun.

This time is more special for me to see this award to HPA, because I am a Monkey.

Thanks to everyone that has made this the Best Group of Pilots in the US.

I am sure there are other clubs as deserving. We hear it time after time from visiting pilots that we are the best group they have ever gotten to share the skies with.

This award acknowledges that our 'Aloha' does not go unnoticed. Reach around and pat your self on the back. Keep up the Aloha.

So, if Pete has to buy the beer for Instructor of the Year, who buys for the Club of the Year.......Sounds like the head Monkey might be running up a big tab!

Congratulations Monkeys!!!

Gravity said...

After over 24 years of flying and countless years of flying around the world I have never encountered such a close knit club.

All of us make this club happen. It's a family unit that makes me proud.

I seen clubs where there's serious fighting between club members, I've seen clubs and flying areas disappear altogether. I really believe this is the happiest paragliding club in the world.

I might have to increase my rates this year to compensate for the bar tab.

Any 1st buys beer!

Humbly yours,

Duck said...

You guys ROCK! You make this club a welcoming and fun representation of all this sport has to offer. I would hang out with you guys even if I didnt fly! Keep it up Monkeys! This club is like a fmily!