Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rare Sighting

Some fun flying was had by many monkeys today at Makapu'u. The early shift, Jayson, Don (Ike), Joey, Cherie and Brent (with some greatly appreciated help from Thom) all got in some flights before I even got off "work". Hang gliders Dave and Leo got some air too.

I arrived as Brazilian Ray, with Carmen from Alberta, Canada, took off tandem from Tomato Juice, followed shortly by one of my favorite expatriates, Doug Hoffman, flying Ray's Sol Torck. I was lucky enough to get out of Crazy Man's with help from Brad (Chili), launching right over a Monk seal that was enjoying the beach below. Carson got out of Crazies in a tandem as well. Chili got skunked, and had to land on the beach from there, since the wind had shifted back too easterly.

Tommy RD, Jorge, Frank, Maui Doug, Lake, Reaper, Allan C and Bonnnie all got off Juice for the late shift, with varying degrees of success. Allegra and Mike 5-0 got in some kiting at the LZ too. And Ces supplied some of her great salsa for after-flight enjoyment. Glad to have squeezed in a dose of Skyalis. With luck we will get some more tomorrow if the wind doesn't crank up too much.


Bon Bon said...

thx for the write-up 1i. enjoyed the pics, the seal is cool. earlier this year, there was one on my beach in my back 'yard'!

it was awesome to get in the air again, even if it was 20 minutes. the sunset was beautiful.

Duck said...

I am happy you all had flights...been back for a week and now I am Lurkerinhonolulu as work has had me slammed!

Hoping for something good at the Dil as I am mostly a weekend warrior now...

Glad to see so many had good flights! Envious...

Anonymous said...

My first launch attempt today was interesting. Interesting because I brought the wing up, turned, and felt absolutely no pressure in the wing. My lines were completely slack and yet there was my wing floating listlessly overhead. Just as I was contemplating whether I should run I heard Thom say "kill it". As I stood there thinking about how my wing was flying with slack lines the wing frontalled and wrapped me up tighter than any present sitting under the Christmas tree. I guess I need more kiting practice. Thanks again to Thom and Jayson. I will never forget my first Makapu'u flight.

Waianae Jim said...

Forgot to mention one speed wing flying too.

Thom said...

Jim, thanks for the write.

I am glad to hear more showed up after I left.

The Prez as you all know is back and hoping for some flying Friday and Saturday before we are shut down. By the looks of it Congress may have settled and Obama will be here on the scheduled TFR.

Dill may be it for 2 weeks, it worked for some last year.

Thanks Jim

MauiDoug said...

Thanks for pointing out the Monk seal Jim. How cool is that!
Congrats to Brent and Lake on your first MPU flights, way to go! :-)