Friday, January 20, 2012

Lanikai Waltz

The super easterly tradewinds blew a passel of pilots to the precipitous path above Lanikai, to fill the skies at our most humble windward flying site. The east bowl was working great, from upper launch as well as the crotch launch. The airspace quickly became crowded, and we began the usual Lanikai dance, sort of an aerial version of musical chairs. I was joined by Thom, Don, visiting Oregonians Peter and Bill, and visiting brothers John and Bernie. I had to leave early, but I heard a few more folks came out later: Joey, Maui Abhay, Seattle Laura, Reaper, Bonnie, Harvey, Gaza, Laurel, Froggy Marc, and Berndt. A bit later, some folks flew at Kahana too, including some of the pilots from the first Lanikai session: Skydivers Mike Y and Derek, Woody, Thom, Peter, Bill, Duck, Maui JJ, and Kaaawa Larry.


Gravity said...

Super easy launch tandem from upper east launch. Perfect Lanikai conditions.
Good flying with ya'll

swan said...

A few pilots to add to the log: Gaza and Swan, Harvey, and French Mark.

Thom said...

Thanks for keeping the log accurate.
Thats all for now.

Don did fly for 3 hours. In a wing that was suppose to be mothballed. Now he is re-thinking the moth balls.