Friday, February 24, 2012

Strong, Super East, Low Clouds...Perfect!

Twenty pilots enjoyed one of the most marginal days ever at Kahana today. Strong? Check. Super east? Check. Low clouds? Check. Sounds perfect, right? Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. And this crew is desperate. In addition to all the air-starved locals, we have scores of single-minded visitors in town. Three pilots from Japan and five from Alaska joined us today, as well as DaveT from Owens/Yosemite. But amazingly, locals outnumbered that huge gaggle of visitors. Barely. We gotta do better next time!

DaveT, Bill and I sailed downrange for a quick tour of the mountains behind my neighborhood, and Jeff followed soon after. Dave and I ended up landing in super strong wind and high tide at Pounders, and then we walked to Papa Ole for lunch. Bill and Jeff landed at Hauula Beach Park. Poor Jeff twisted his foot on landing while testing out his five finger shoes - sure hope it's not too bad. Thanks to Bonnie for the emergency airlift back to Kahana! Alaska Rick flew to Punaluu accidentally, and then walked back to hike up and fly again. Those guys from Alaska might actually need it worse than we do.

Roll call: Lake, Bill, me, Joey, Bonnie, Harvey, Hibino, Akami, Andy, Laddie, Gerry, Jerry, Rick, Jeff, Jim, Fireman Dave, DaveT, Sharky, Carson & friend. And anyone else I missed...

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