Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chronic Hat Trick

The last three days of northerly conditions have supported some seriously chronic cross country flying from Kahana. I know Bonnie posted a NOTAM to avoid flying over her as she worked at Kualoa today, but I'm afraid we had to violate that TFR for the third day in a row. I know we'll pay a hefty fine. But it was worth it!

The "chronic" is a flight pattern named by Thom last year, during a period when we were crossing the bay nearly every day. It describes a once legendary flight from Kahana across the bay to Kualoa, and from there back across the bay to Punaluu (or even better, Hauula), and then back to Kahana. Sort of a flattened triangle shape. It's turning into a really fun double out and back bay crossing milestone of Kahana cross country flying.

It's been quite a while since we've had good bay crossing weather. But these last few northerly days are just what the doctor ordered. On Sunday, I flew the chronic with Duck, and on Monday, I flew it again with Mad Dog and Thom. Today, I flew it with Mad Dog, for the third straight day in a row, with Jim joining us for the final leg.

Thanks to John and Jim for the grape juice, and to Mad Dog for the sodas.

Roll call: Mad Dog, Skydive Mike, Alaska Laddie, Woody, me, Jim, Duck, Bonnie, Harvey, and Sharky.

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Waianae Jim said...

Big mahalo's to Mad Dog Chris for spotting and following that cloud street back toward Kahana from Punalu'u, and to Alex for letting me pimp his line back that way. That was the first time I'd done that circuit from Kahana to Punalu'u and back on my Axis Venus 2, but I have done it a few times on some other wings. Thanks to Woody for his enthusiastic greeting after I landed band was folding up. The excitement of fellow pilots is certainly invigorating, and one of the many things that make our HPA club so fun to be a part of.