Friday, March 23, 2012

Just Another Excuse to Fly the QLR

Ray's birthday always seems to be coming by, even though we hardly see him anymore!!!! Noell, his lovely wife, who will also have to wear a name tag at this upcoming party, likes to celebrate Ray's birthday. The first time, it was a surprise to Ray, but now it has just become an excuse for us to all get together.

I may have told some of you when I saw you that this one was a surprise, but apparently it's not.

The party is on Sunday, March 25, starting anytime in the afternoon for an early BBQ and QLR flying. No real set time as of yet, but come on over and relax. Updates will be posted in the comments about the timing and any other changes.

All are invited! We have some visitors in town, so hopefully you and your families can come by. Even though we have not had great flying weather, you can hang out with a great barrel of monkeys.

This is the usual pot luck, so bring your favorite beverage and a suit for the pool and hot tub.

961 Kahili Street


Thom said...

Noel said start around 1pm.

sandy said...

But it's gonna be *flyable* Sunday!!!


Either way I'll be bringing my own "surprise" guest-local. ;-)

Brazilian Ray said...

Hey, I might be getting older but I am still alive... and working like crazy, including at this very moment, 1:31 pm Saturday until very late into Sunday, our last day of shooting, one more reason to celebrate! That also means you will be seeing more of me (not sure if it is a good thing) ;p
I just wanted to chirp in and say it will be a honor to hang out with the monkeys and friends of monkeys tomorrow, if you can make it (I hope you do).
Noell is marinating a bunch of meat for the grill and we will be bringing a few cases of beer and a little wine, so don't bother to bring anything but a smile and your bathing suit.
I will see you tomorrow at Thom's and up in the air soon...

Brazilian Ray 808-779-9013

Brazilian Ray said...

Wow, is that the colors of my wing?

Kevin said...

I prob. wont be able to make it tomorrow... working. Happy Birthday Ray!