Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kahana Diaspora

Over twenty pilots congregated for a long day of flying at Kahana on Monday. Some pilots stayed local, but many pilots flew a variety of restless cross country missions, in both directions, including some first time trips. Many pilots reached over three grand above Kaaawa. The day was heavily documented by some of our heaviest hitters in that department. Thanks to FlyStrong Bill for the cover shot of this story. I couldn't resist using that one!

Jorge, Bill and Woody flew to Kualoa and back (probably a few times). It was Woody's first bay crossing!
Mad Dog, Thom and I accompanied them, and then we went for the infamous chronic circuit (to Kualoa and Punaluu and back), but Mad Dog got flushed by rotor into the back of Punaluu. (Thanks to Donna for retrieving him!) Thom and I learned from his mistake and completed the circuit later. (Thanks for the lesson, Mad Dog!)

Doug flew across the bay on a tandem in the morning, and then came back later to do it again on a solo, this time continuing on to land at the Waiahole kite park, followed by Ray, enjoying a belated birthday flight. Duck and Jim followed them, but went a bit further, landing at Kahaluu District Park (for Jim's first time making that flight). Thanks to Thom for retrieving the far flung wayward souls.

Harvey flew the Boomerang to Kualoa and landed there, after fighting to get down in strong conditions over Mokolii island. Bonnie picked him up, then came by the LZ later and filmed the last few landings. Thanks to Thom and Nick for the sodas, and to Jim for the grape juice.

Big Mike enjoyed his 39th flight, and his first at Kahana, with lots of help from Nick and Scrappy. Congratulations, Mike.

Roll call: Maui Doug, Scrappy, Bill, Mad Dog, Woody, me, Thom, Kevin, Jim, Jeff, Australian Anthony, Brian, Duck, Ray, Sandy, Big John, Jorge, TommyRD, Alaska Laddie, Nick, Big Mike, Harvey, Bonnie. Let me know if I've forgotten anyone.


Bon Bon said...

Nice. Still upset I missed such an epic day. I was working on Secret Island at Kualoa and walked over to the fishpond to look up and see one glider over Kualoa. A while later, while cruizin' on the beach, I couldn't take it any longer...I at least had to take a peak at what I was missing.

So, I jumped on a kayak and paddled out on the ocean to get away from the trees and looked up and saw Alex, Flystrong, and I believe Ducky (they were so high up, it was hard for me to tell). Ugghhh, why did I do that? I was trying to leave to join everyone soon, but I got held up longer than anticipated.

As I came around the corner, I saw a few pilots still in the air, but I had this feeling. A "different" feeling that I am unable to describe. I arrived to Kahana around 1730ish and checked in at the beach. That's when I watched and filmed a few landings. I got my gear and began the late, lonely hike, but something was holding me back. I noticed it was getting a little stronger, and the tide was coming up. I watched Jorge land from where I was walking on the beach. I stopped, looked around, thought about it. Then that "something" turned me around. I walked back to the tables where everyone was hanging out and said, "I'm not feelin' it. My gut said, 'don't go.'"

A left a while later to head home when I could see Harvey high over Kualoa. I pulled off on the side of the road to shoot him high over Mokoli'i, then sped over to Kualoa Beach Park so I could get his landing on camera, too. Then I gave him a ride back to Kahana.

Congrats on the great day of flying! Thanks for following the NOTAM today and not flying over Kualoa. haha Although, the NOTAM didn't really stop me from literally staring up at the mountain ALL day, watching, waiting, and anticipating a glider coming around the corner. Geez, I almost wrecked the jeep from dazing, dreaming, and staring up at the sky all damn day.

I think that was MY day, and I missed it. Although I joke about the NOTAM, I do get stoked for you guys to fly over me. :)

Thom said...

Thanks Alex.

I guess it is up to you, bonnie and me to keep this log going.

I will try to get the next one.

Bonnie great video, I laughed on Stalkers landing and could not believe how fast bigmike's feet were back peddling.

Maybe our flying weather is sneaking back in.