Monday, April 02, 2012

Emergency Meeting: Sat. Apr. 7, Lanikai, 7 pm

We are convening an emergency meeting (meaning one not on our regular quarterly schedule) to address several important issues facing our flying community. Dave (and Patti) are graciously hosting our gathering. Of course we'll also be enjoying our usual pot luck BBQ and celebrating the return of good flying weather.

Dave and Patti are at 505 Paumakua Place. As you head past Buzz's Steak House, don't take the left into Lanikai, take the right to go back behind Lanikai, and then take a left on Paumakua Place. Dave's house is not visible from the street, since it's located at the end of a long private drive. We can park in the driveway and there is also plenty of space on the street for parking.

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Anonymous said...


Dave Gotto was asking questions about the insurance business. You might want to give him a call.
I will be in Phoenix, so will not be attending.


Kevin said...

I work that day, not going to make it to the meeting. DOH!

Thom said...

I called Dave G. and told him to be at the meeting if he can or contact Alex for details. But would be better in person.

This meeting is on USHPA insurance and how we, here in Hawaii, are directly affecting the outcome. This will be an informative meeting for all pilots PG and Hangies.

Please attend if can, if can't please get informed

allanc said...

Planning on making the meeting this coming Saturday. Want to learn how I can constructively help maintain or improve the safety of all pilots on the island including myself through a team approach. This is one difficult issue to figure out but am sure that there is room for improvement in many aspects.

Ka'a'awa Larry said...

All the guys in region 6 are VERY concerned about the changes and how they will impact their sites. I think we're going to have to take a close look at our sites and re-evaluate some traditional places that have become "ours".

Another upshot is going to be a safety coordinator and exactly what his role is as well as his liability if something goes awry. The discussion will be about how he will be able to monitor all the sites and all the pilots (especially visitors).

Lots to consider BUT we aren't alone. It's a national issue so there are a lot of good people working out details and if we can all tie in together, something will be worked out and we can get back to having fun.