Friday, May 11, 2012

Cloudbase Crusaders

Yesterday, valiant winged warriors at Kahana waged a long and epic battle with a host of invisible demonic beasts. Many brave souls were lost in the struggle, and there were times we were sure the forces of darkness would triumph over us all. The decisive conflict was engaged in earnest above Kaaawa.

Finally, after hours of fierce combat across the skies, the tide was turned. A faithful and quixotic hero emerged from the smoke and rubble, carrying two wounded wingmen with him as far as he could: one to a serene shoreline in Kaaawa, and another to the safe haven of farthest Kahaluu.

He soared ever onward, chasing our fiendish foes across the heavens, flying his banner high and long and proud. But in the end, he was not fated to reach the promised land of Makapuu. Our stalwart savior came to rest in a peaceful Maunawili meadow, where his wounds and spirit were salved with cool libations.

This heroic tale is far from complete. There will be many more epic battles to fight before we can truly rest. But let the memory of this brave day give us strength and hope that our noble cause will one day prevail, and we will join our brothers and sisters in the promised land of Makapuu. Even if we have to drive there!


Mad Dog said...

It was an amazing scratch fest at Kahana in the super light, thermic, north day. Alex scoring a quick up & over to Kaaawa while Woody & I braved the elements for almost 1 hour before I hit it to 2300' then crossing the bay with Woody on my six & scrathing again at 700' all the way to Kaaawa school before hitting a low save. On my way up I radio'd Alex, when I top out I'm on my way to Triangle Peak! After waiting for the master at Puu Ohulehule for a long while I meanderd accross & back to the Koolau Main Range behind Senator Fongs Plantation, catching another low save at 1300' deep behind MDKS in Waikane Valley. Once on the Koolau Main Range it was cruise control at 2K & 30mph down toward Makapuu, but arriving at the Pali noticed the wind picking up big time while fighting the low dark cloud base the entire way. So gave up & glided out front to Olomana & just missing the side ridge of Olomana by girls prison & dirted at Maunawili Park 15.1 miles from Kahana. My best attempt so far in that direction. Was fun but scary! Fun flying with you guys today & killer write up...

Aloha Mad Dog

sandy said...

Thanks for the fantastical tale Alex! Thanks for the translation Le Chien Fu!