Thursday, May 31, 2012

Morning Ride

I deprived Logan of many hours of gameplay to work on footage of a beautiful flight from a few weeks ago. His is the fastest computer in the house, with decent video editing software, so I was forced to claim parental rights to the technology!

I am really enjoying working with this new GoPro camera, but I am still a long way from my aspirations of creating artistic videos like the rest of you. You know who you are. But I'll keep working on it, and hopefully I can provide some entertainment in the the process.

I think this flight was the earliest XC I have ever flown. I hiked up at 8:30 or so while Woody and Tim were already in the air. Woody and I were above Kaaawa by 9:30, to celebrate his first bay crossing in a wing he never expected to fly over there, the Freestyle. We landed at MDKS in Waiahole around 10:00. It was Woody's first time there. Thanks to Tim for the ride back!

I am in love with the lighting at that time of day. The cloud shadows dappling the sun's bright reflection on the ocean were a refreshing change from the usual pretty afternoon sunbeams we normally see. I look forward to some more nice morning XC flights this season!


Thom said...

heck I look forward to any flights this season.

Great Video, I am sure this will be on Woody's list for a long time.

Jon Malmberg said...

Awesome stuff Alex... Gotta get back to play with the Monkey's. Good to see Tim over on Oahu picking you monkey's up off the road!