Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Flight for Duck's Birthday

Many pilots came to Kahana early to get a flight in before the winds picked up. We had all planned to get together to celebrate Duck's birthday.

As I arrived to Kahana, 1i Jim was already in the air. Ginny was in the lz and San Diego Mark & (son) Kyle met Woody in the lz to check conditions. I also met up with Woody in the lz as FlyStrong arrived, too, we decided to hike high regular. As we got to low launch, we felt it was strong enough to launch from there, but hiked higher anyway.

FlyStrong launched first in windy conditions. I was up next, and got ready, but decided it was on the strong side and hiked back down to low launch, where it felt better. Woody, SD Mark and Kyle followed, and launched after me.

I flew around and played with my new camera and shot video with my Drift camera, too. FlyStrong knew I had my camera and wanted some good shots of his new wing, so he followed me around quite a bit. We flew for 2 hours and landed just before Duck arrived.

FlyStrong and Ginger presented his gift - a beautiful shot by FlyStrong on canvas..

We took a group photo as it felt strange without Alex and Reaper there. We had some fun with one of the group photos, but I didn't include it...

Roll call for flying the early shift: 1i Jim, Bon Bon, Woody, SD Mark & Kyle, FlyStrong, Scot, Lake. (Not sure if anyone flew the late shift, after the rain squalls).

Happy Birthday, Duck!

A Flight for Duck's Birthday from Bonita Hobson on Vimeo.


Kevin said...

Thanks for the write up, photos and video! It was nice to come home from work and see this post. Sorry I missed that one, oh well. Happy Birthday Duck!

Sharky said...

Thanks for the read BB! BRay, 1-I, RD (and Sean Jr), JK, SH, and I all hiked up north, but air was gusty and funky. We dodged what we thought were squalls that stopped just short of the bay, then eventually came through.

Only 5-0 was able to quickly get out as it got worse and head straight to the beach. The rest of us (most of which had to repack) sadly hiked down to drown our sorrows...

At least we got a hike in...LOL

=-) Sharky

Ka'a'awa Larry said...

Nice vid/photos Bonnie. Nice wing Bill. Nice birthday party Duck. Wish I could have been there to enjoy the day. Maybe next time!

Thom said...

Wow, I am glad JJJ is out of retirement. didn't even have to b!T@H for this one.

Thanks Bonnie made my Father's day coffee and now I am going for a nap.