Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Postman Giveth, and Ike Taketh Away

There must be some word today
'bout my Sigma so far away
Please, Mister Postman, look and see
Is there a package, a package for me
I've been standin' here waitin' Mr. Postman
So patiently
For just a box or a letter
Sayin' it's comin' home to me

(Mister Postman look and see)
Please, Mister Postman, oh yeah
(Is there a package, a package for me)
Please, please, Mister Postman, oh yeah
(You know it's been a long, long time
Since I've flown with that Sigma of mine)

So many pilots have passed me by
You know that it's the Sigma I need to fly
You never stopped to make me feel great
By leavin' me a box or a crate

Okay, it's back: the wing that graced the May Cover of USHPA. I was trying to get out of the house when one thing after another delayed my departure. Good thing! I was home in time to meet the Postman.

Along the way I stopped to pick up Ike. He could smell the newish nylon in the back seat, and volunteered to be the test pilot. Ike said he would top land and swap wings after he had made sure that it was okay. I laughed, and said: sure you will. He wasted no time packing it into his rucksack. During the flight, I asked him how it felt. He said, "Not sure. I may need to do some more research flights just to make sure it's okay."

Maui Doug launched and wanted to go downrange, but Don and I had to do an inspection at 5pm so we did not have enough time to join him. Doug turned and burned, though I'm not sure where he ended up. I heard that Bonnie and Woody had early evening flights later on.

Don leaves for the Big Island soon, so I let him give it a whirl. Now, I have to check his bags before he leaves!

It's Time to Fly, Get Your Gear and Go!!!


Ka'a'awa Larry said...

Nice ploy, Thom. Letting Ike fly it first knowing that it was apt to bust seams and unravel in flight. Now that the test flight is out of the way you can feel confident that it will hold together......or can you?

Thom said...

You got it Larry, and the rest of the story will come out after Duck's baby returns.

Thanks for the edits Alex, amazing how your eraser and pen reach from suck far off lands.