Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beautiful Late Flights

I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and had a feeling it would be a good day to fly. I was at work and saw Alex flying above me, a couple times. Towards the end of the day (afternoon), I looked up and saw 4 pilots flying above me! Alex, Mad Dog, Sidehill and Slacker were flying over Kualoa. FlyStrong crossed the bay to fly with them, but they were already flying back. I had to get to Kahana to get some airtime, so I left work.

As I arrived, everyone was landing due to a squall line (bringing high winds). We waited a bit, then hiked up around 5pm. I helped Woody and Brazilian Ray launch their tandems with James and James Jr from Austin, TX (who recently enjoyed some tours at Kualoa). They were stoked to fly and had a blast!

I got up high above Pu'u Piei and enjoyed the beautiful view as the evening approached. I attempted a bay crossing as I was 2,300' over Rhino, but found myself sinking quickly. I tried one more time, with no luck.

Alaska Jason and 1i Jim flew to Punalu'u and got high there, and tried to make it back to Kahana, but also found that they were getting low fast. Chris also had a nice, long flight for the late shift.

I had fun watching the sky change colors, and landed after an hour and a half of flying.


James Humphrey - TheBlogView said...

Thank you so much!!! Words do no justice for soaring over paradise with my son...a memory that will last forever and we can't wait to fly again. Mahalo my friends

James sr. : )

Thom said...

Ahh, my coffee is much better this morning.

Thanks Bonnie for stepping it up and getting us some ink.

Ike and I got there around noon after Woody had landed and was sneaking off for a nap.

Mad Dog & Kevin met us at the LZ hiked up to find Alex had top landed to snag a power bar.

Two visiting pilots were also on launch David from Cal. and Francois not sure from where.

We got flights across with a murky cloud base. It was tempting to hike up when you went as well because it finally got sunny.

Again thanks for the read and keeping up our log.