Monday, July 23, 2012

Pete and Annette Getting Hitched

The infamous Peter Michelmore, aka the Reaper, aka Hawaii Pete, is going to walk down the aisle (or actually, sand). He will be waiting at the end of this aisle for Annette, who has acclimated to this wild Barrel of Monkeys quite well. Her son Tyler is already a P2. Side note: I heard that some mainland hang gliding instructors even gave him his H1 rating just to get one up on Pete.

Pete and Annette's story is a good one. Even though they have only know each other a short while, I am sure Pete can weave it into a nice loooong story, but we need to make sure Annette is present for editing and an occasional BEEEEEP.

WHEN: This Saturday July 28, 2012, at high noon.
WHERE: Kahana Beach Park.
We have campsites 1,2,3,4 and 6 reserved for Friday and Saturday night. Some poor folks got 5 before we could, and hopefully they're cool being in the middle of our setup! Everyone is welcome to find some real estate and set up a tent.

Pete and Annette would like to make sure that all are welcome to this great event. We are counting on Bob to give us good weather as he watches over us.

We could use help setting up big tents either Friday night or Saturday morning. More details can be found on Facebook. Please chirp in on the comment section below where updates may also be posted.

Congratulations, Pete and Annette!

JJ Jameson


Gravity said...

Nice one JJ. Actually here's the what I have so far:
Tent setup at kna before noon on Friday. We have Quenten's 3- 20x20 circus tents, 100 chairs, 12 tables, Roland is bringing flowers and palms to decorate. I'm bringing rakes for beach and tent areas. I also have cones and caution tape for parking.
Hopefully HPD will send a special duty officer we asked for for parking safety control. We're going to have a shuttle driver to Kinekes rest parking to kna for overflow.
Allegra has volunteered to show us her magic bar tending skills.
We have lunch from Kenekes being served for 150, plus shave for the kids(need a Honda generator?)
I'm bringing my boom box for entertainment that will play MP3 music.
We need table setters, tent people, rakers, bags of plumeria flowers to toss on beach from the air during the ceremony(fly-over?). We need a couple of big coolers to hold the truckload of beer i bought and ice? Any other suggestions?

Thom said...


BRay has generator, I got a coffin cooler. I will check with BRay for generator.

We will meet Wed or Thur nite to do the details.

I will be there Friday a.m.

Anonymous said...

Hi Reaper, I can be part of the table setting crew and help with flower arrangements and decorations if needed--we'll bring some plumeria too. Most likely we will arrive in the evening Friday. Happy to help and excited to celebrate. Hadley

Gravity said...

Great Hadley that will be awesome.

DaveZ said...

Pete I'll be there Friday helping set up. If there's anything I can bring or do let me know. I can be pretty resourceful...

Gravity said...

Picked ups fresh porta potty lua for Saturday

Geronimo John said...

I'll be cooking up breakfast Saturday and Sunday AM. Saturday will be SOS on hashbrowns topped with eggs. Sunday will be breakfast burritos. I'll have enough for 8 or so. More should there be left overs or donations of "raw materials". Geronimo John