Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another Sweet Summer Weekend

This past weekend brought us two completely different cross country opportunities at Kahana. The first was a long wild thermic ride in super east conditions. The second was a zippy upwind mission in strong northerly ridge lift. Naturally, we wound up both trips with grass landings!

On Saturday it was light and scratchy down low, but strong and thermic up high. The sensor turned super east while we were up, and I followed Lake to Sacred Falls. I worked it hard over there but I couldn't get much higher than a couple hundred feet above three grand, and I finally gave up and burned downwind to KGC, passing over our campsite at Malaekahana. It the first time I'd flown that far on the Space Ship. Lake made it to BYU. I found another golf ball, but now I'm wondering if all these balls I keep finding are actually in play. Maybe the poor golfers are looking all over for the balls they just hit into the rough as that crazy parachuter came down. Whoops. Maybe I should at least leave a note! Roll call: Lake, AllanC, Big Mike, Sharky, Ginny, McStalker, Woody, RK Jeff (1st two flights!), Joey, Scrappy, Steve, Sandy, Johnimo, Thom, Duck. Duck picked me up at KGC. Thanks, man!

Sunday dawned stronger and norther. Everyone else stayed local, but I flew to Kualoa, then punched almost all the way out to Mokolii, then turned back to land on the nice grassy field at Swanzys. I had no working electronics after camping with the family at Malaekahana all weekend: my GPS, phone, and GoPro all died during the flight. But I managed to sneak in a few pictures just before they croaked. Roll call: Roland, me, McStalker, Thom, Woody, RK Jeff, Joey tandem with Robin, Bonnie, Duck. Once again, Duck picked me up. Thanks, man!


Thom said...

Thanks for the re-cap.

I have to jump over to Explorer to get the vids but at least I am getting them.

Also I like the 'Johnimo' call sign.

About this grass landing stuff though, maybe we should get some astro turf for KNA so you can at least land with your subjects, cause we can't even bow anymore before you disappear.

allanc said...

Alex, that video brought a good warm feeling that you were exactly where you needed to be on Saturday. I almost fell out of my seat at work laughing at the end of the video. Though to myself, that is so Alex. Great getting to be up with the crew at KNA on Saturday. Kind of makes me think that I should have chased even with the extreme East wind because of how clear and high the thermals took you.

I have been dreaming about flying as fast and gliding as well as you are in the video on your IP. Had dreams of you heading over the back and making it to the Waianae range and then back.

As our understanding of the sport and technology gets better we may make that trek one day.

Was reviewing a detailed map of the Waianae range Doug Hoffman made for me last year and wanted us to make similar maps for other sites, share them, create way point lists, and then start competing for some tasks of the assigned way points.

This could be really fun do as a group so that we can help each other reach whatever waypoint goal we have not been able to make.

I will start trying on the Garmin 76 that 1I was nice enough to give me. These points should be all over the island.

Lets go team.

sandy said...

Do they give you instructions how/when to use the B-handles? Or are you using them to rest your arms? :-^)

Have you tried any "maneuvers" in it yet -- e.g. induced asymmetric collapses, frontals, etc.?

Alex said...

Sandy, this wing doesn't come with a manual. I don't think it has one yet. Maybe they'll release one by the time the next version comes out! :-) But I've read everything I can find and I've been talking to my friends who are flying it in comps. I haven't tried any maneuvers. But I've flown it in some pretty nasty thermals and rotor over the last few weeks, and I'm very happy with how it reacts.