Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mokolii Mission

Over the last twenty days since I took command of my shiny new ship, I have covered 130 scenic miles in twelve cross country flights, roaming the cloud dappled airways between Waiahole and Kahuku, finishing each flight with a sweet grass landing. Thanks to the gods of weather for our August reprieve, and thanks to all my faithful retrieve drivers!

Yesterday I snuck in a quick flight to add the last dozen miles to that total, with a run to Mokolii and back, and then a hop back over to Swanzys for the obligatory grass landing. I flew with Woody and Johnimo, who both stayed local. I managed to use my GPS to log my track, and I uploaded it to Leonardo here and I have embedded the track below. I'm really enjoying playing with the tracks these days - hopefully it's interesting for other folks as well.


Thom said...

If I ever get back to flying again, I want to learn how to do the track log.

Apparently after my Canadian experience I am GPS illiterate so I will need class 102 in GPS down loads.

That wing or what ever it is over your head has just made you that much more 'uncatchable', now if you got a Mad Dog injection, hmmmm rated Comp pilot.

I am actually looking forward to Rat Race next year just to see how you do, You might have to pick up an every day wing soon so you don't burn out the purple pilot eater.

firedave2 said...

The space shuttle can only land in certain places? I give you another couple of weeks before we see the Icepeak on the beach.


Mad Dog said...

I'm with you Thom, except I need GPS 101 to start! Un Oiel was nice enough to download my 95 mile, 3 Aneccy track logs for me.
Can't wait to get back to fly with all the Monkeys & swing from the Heavens!A High preassure is going to set up in France starting Saturday so the Chamonix week will be stellar. Like Alex hopefully we can add to our X/C milage. Keep that machine polished King!

Aloha from Annecy Mad Dog et La Peste

Alex said...

Dave, the aliens I got this spaceship from were quite clear about eschewing sand. I think they come from the planet Silicon, which is of course made of sand, so it weakens them and their technology like kryptonite does for poor superman. Sand will turn this spacecraft into a normal paraglider. And I'm never going back to normal. So it's grass all the way for me, baby!