Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Right Place, Right Time

Yesterday I forced myself to stay home and work until later in the afternoon. Sometimes that kind of discipline can really pay off. Not that I know anything about that! But the timing turned out to be perfect, with Woody ready for a hike, and Joey speeding over on his way from work. Bonnie and Jason were on their way out as well.

After a quick hop to Kualoa, I lured Joey and Jason over to the Kaaawa side where we all just happened to be in position for an impromptu atmospheric spectacle that blew our minds. I don't know why the clouds sometimes form below us while the lift is huge and widespread above them,  but I always feel super lucky to be there when they do. It's a rare and special flight, though somehow it seems like we've had more than our fair share in recent weeks. We don't really have a name for that phenomenon (optimum dewpoint convergence factor??) but until we do, I'm calling them McClouds, after our cloud loving buddy Jeff, who planted his flag at the summit of a four thousand foot cloud pinnacle a while back.

The McClouds were going off above Kaaawa yesterday, and Joey led the way up to their towering tops, where we just laughed out loud to see the milky white landscape below us as the sun was setting behind Kahana. It was awesome to share it with Joey and Jason. What a surreal flight that was: there's nothing like being in the right place at the right time.

I took a few pictures, and I shot some sweet footage.


Kevin said...

Wow! Sweet! I cant wait to see the vid.

Joey said...

I can honestly say it was one of my best PG experiences here on Oahu..absolutely amazing and sureal to be floating in what I call "magic" air..I think we topped out around 2800' above the clouds..Can't wait to do that again!

Thom said...

Lucky bumbs I got to get back on the non-jobber crew.

Mother-in Law is out of town for a week so I actually have to watch my own kids. Hmmm no rule on from how high up is there?

Oh, remember those were whispys not actual 'clouds' right?

Thanks for the coffee read.

JJ Jameson

Bon Bon said...

That's sweet how the clouds formed like that. Sure wish I could have made it with you guys. I was right behind Jason but just barely fell short -- or gave up too soon not quite sure if I would make it or not. I probably could have, but I would have come in low, so I played it safe. I tried 3 times and came close twice.

Glad you guys had such a good flight.