Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bad Brad's Thanksgiving Weekend SIV/Acro Clinic

Brad Gunnuscio is coming to Hawaii to host our very own SIV/acro clinic here on Oahu. Bad Brad, as he is known in the acro world, is one of the world's best SIV instructors and one of the top acro competitors in the world, and he's coming to Oahu on Thanksgiving weekend for some fun with our club.

We will host the event starting the day after Thanksgiving day, November 23, 24, and 25, with rain day the 26th. I will have a boat in the water for pickup wherever we end up, Makapuu or Kahana Bay. Brad will be staying here all week, and is already jumping at the chance to fly here. TJ told him lots about flying here, and about the 'free refills' at Makapuu.

Since we're not boat towing, it should be an amazing weekend with lots of gliders in the air. I will be assigning wing numbers to tell the students apart, and we'll be using FRS radios. We'll have several sessions in the morning, land the pilots, and hike back up for more in the afternoons. You're not gonna want to miss this one!

For more info or to sign up for the SIV clinic here, contact me here: gravityhawaii@gmail.com

Course schedule is as follows:

Registration by Sept. 22, 2012
Deadline for payment Oct. 22, 2012

Cost per person: $450
Deposit $250

Course dates:
Nov. 23 Course day 1
Nov. 24 Day 2
Nov. 25 Day 3
Nov. 26 Rain day

All participants must bring to class:

Pen and notebook
bathing suit and towel
ALL GoPro or other camera gear and mounts
waterproof radio pouch

Life jacket or PFD
reserve recently repacked or inspected
EN certified glider
EN certified harness

We will have a boat in the water and a wash out area available.

Ok, so far we have the following pilots signed up:

5-0 Mike
Divot Steve
Sawzall Rich
1-I Jim
Maui Tim
Maui Phil
Maui Rich


Waianae Jim said...

@Reaper - what's the cost?

Gravity said...

I'll know soon. email me... or call me this weekend.
Cheaper than boat towing!

Thom said...

wholly crap I hope I am better by then.

Sidehill's Wing Wash may have to be on the ready as well.

Alex said...

I talked to Brad today - he's very excited about coming out to play with us, and I'm really stoked that he'll be able to offer us some coaching. He clarified that it won't be a full SIV clinic, since he knows we don't have the infrastructure or sites to support it.

Instead he will be offering more basic coaching tailored to our windy little coastal sites, in a low key manner that will keep this event off the radar, and keep us out of the water or power lines or highways.

It was great to chat with him about his impressions of the wing I just recently got - he has been flying it for a while and he's really impressed with it.

Talking to Brad about flying, even for just a few minutes on the phone, can be an enlightening experience. I know that even if the weather doesn't cooperate when he's here, he will be able to offer some useful coaching and instruction for anyone interested. I am really looking forward to working with him here on Oahu!