Monday, September 10, 2012


Saturday's unstable atmosphere gave us an amazing cloud show around Kahana. The clouds had a super low dark base, around 1,500 feet at times, with zillions of huge puffy white towers growing from that low base up into the stratosphere. While we were in the air admiring the show, I got an automated text message from the state emergency management system about massive flooding rains just over the center of the island, drenching Pearl City and Waipahu!

We did get a few rainy periods out our way, but it was mostly a very flyable day, which was a pleasant surprise. A bunch of folks flew and enjoyed a long day of flying. I enjoyed a super fun slingshot trip, loading up with an upwind leg to Kualoa and then zooming back past Kahana to the grassy pastures of BYU, joined by Joey on the downwind leg. Thanks to Bill for the ride back.

My tracklog is here and also embedded below.

Roll call: Woody, Jase, Jay Z, Lake, Harvey, TommyRD, Bill, me, Joey, Bonnie, Sharky, Climber Jeff, Allegra, Duck. After the flying day was done, a bunch of folks came over to my house and we feasted on Duck's homemade pasta and pizza. What a great day! Let's do that again soon.


Ka'a'awa Larry said...

Those look like cumulo-suckyup clouds!!

Doug said...

I might have missed this but what wing are you flying these days?

Alex said...

Icepeak 6! Since early August. Loving it. Feels like a natural step from my Peak 2.

Thom said...

Thanks Alex,

No wine or coffee these days, I have been on tea and juice for weeks. But still enjoy catching up to the monkey barrel antics here.

House still in quarantine. I get out in the mornings to get a few of my jobs done but usually back on the couch by 4 or 5.

Watch those clouds and how do you get alerts on your cell? Or is that just part of the Alien Equipment Mod.


JJ Jameson