Sunday, September 16, 2012


Yesterday was a really big day at Kahana. After a few weeks of pretty strong conditions, we finally had a nice light one to play with. Over thirty pilots were there throughout the day, and we had over a dozen in the air at one point. And over a dozen pilots landed out on various cross country missions.

I got up early and crossed the bay to Mokolii, and then came back to tank up with the guys at Kahana. We started to get some crazy lift layer above cloud base at Puu Piei. The clouds were sparse and just a few of them were forming below us. I was above three grand there. Jim led the charge downrange, and I followed soon after, topping out at 3,400 feet above Punaluu before heading further downrange. I was heading for the golf course, tailed by Bill who made it in for his first time there. He almost had to land downwind to avoid a bunch of people galloping on horseback across the beach!

Duck made it to Hukilau, and Jim, Pete, Gaza and Don all landed at Hauula. Three pilots from Japan landed in Punaluu, as did Roland and Doug, and Lake landed in Kaaawa. Thanks to Dan for the pickup from the golf course and Hukilau!

I got some great video footage, and I'll try to put something together when I get a moment. Bill took some pictures with his GoPro, and I'm linking them here as well. My tracklog is here.

Roll call: Brian and Ashley (tandem), Utah Jamin, the Jernaills (Erica, Haley, Dawn, JJ) Jim, Harvey, Duck, Gaza, Doug, Roland, Lake, Bill, Sharky, Roadkill Jeff, Reaper, four pilots from Japan, Five-0 Mike, Hilo Ken, SB Brian, Dan, Kevin, McStalker, Woody, Big Mike, TommyRD, Don, Thom, and probably a few I've forgotten already.

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Thom said...

It was great to be back in the air but still not 100%.

Wish I could have stayed for the after hours party, but I was beat.

Thanks for the log Alex. Looks like you got all the ones I could remember.