Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Diamond Salute to the President

Winter is kicking off early, but the season's rewards are rarely enjoyed without some sacrifice. Monday was a holiday for most, and even One-Eye Jim had the day off. Our leader had received intel from Mad Dog in the morning, and he beckoned other monkeys to gather at a rare jewel of a flying site, Diamond Head. It turned out to be a diamond of a day, though its brilliance wasn't apparent until late afternoon.

Monkeys kept flowing in one by one to sit on the waiting wall. Our president entertained us with his kiting skills, and took off with a low loop around the lighthouse, top landing with grace right after. Jorge gave it a whirl, but he must be packing on some pounds, as he descended to the beach below. It was just too light.

Sylvain is visiting from France for a month with Aurelia, his better looking better half (and also a pilot). He took off flying Reaper's tandem, but without a passenger. It was the only way to stay up in the light conditions. He provided some entertainment and then top landed. Later, he gave a sled ride to Bonnie for her birthday.

For hours we sat and prayed. Our leader never gave up and kited relentlessly for hours, in hopes of feeling enough wind to keep us up. I finally could not take it, and I went for refreshments. As I was driving back with frosty beverage reinforcements, Ike rang the alarm. "Get back here, it's on! And you have my wing in your truck!"

A few monkeys had lost the parawaiting battle and had departed. But the rest of us started lining up to get aloft. It had turned on beautifully. Pilots were getting aloft to enjoy a view of the Waikiki skies seldom seen by many.

Our president was able to get a nice flight to lead his band of air monkeys, but he had to make it a short one. He is not only our president but faithful to his family and had to leave early to get dinner ready.

Diamond monkeys on this day: Alex (our president), Mad Dog (Duke of Diamond Head), Ike, Jorge, One-Eye Jim, Harvey, Five-0 Mike, Reaper, Flash, Colorado Bo, Sylvain, and me. Bonnie was on launch when I left and Sharky was on the wall. Departed monkeys: Lake, Frank, and Flystrong. Big Bob was there in spirit, checking out his wing below Ike. Family members: Aurelia, Donna, Maile, Kalei, Yolie, Annette and Jeanine. I hope I remembered everyone, otherwise please add a comment and the log will be adjusted.

In closing, let's review the site protocol at Diamond Head:

1. Class B airspace there begins at 1,000 feet above sea level, which does not mean that we should see how close to it we can get. Stay well below and remember we are quite visible up there.

2. This is a P-3 site, and in some conditions it's best left to P-4s.

3. Top landings are best left to the monkeys with advanced skills, whereas the beach is preferable for most, and also has some very nice scenery - just don't land on the scenery.

4. The launch can only hold one pilot at a time. Please sort your gear off to the side then get into the queue, waiting your turn to spread out and go.

Thank you, Mr. President, for your tireless efforts to keep your monkeys at Diamond Head long enough for it to get good. It was my best flight there. For this, we salute you.

It's Time to Fly Get Your Gear, prepped on the side, and Go!

JJ Jameson


Thom said...

I know there were some better cameras here this day, please link up some pics. Especially of Alex's kiting marathon.

Thanks for the edits as usual.

Waianae Jim said...

Thanks for the write up Thom!