Monday, November 19, 2012

Cloudbase Chronic

I knew all three rings of the circus would be at Makapuu today, but I was hopeful for a quick fix near home at Kahana, if the wind would ever settle into a decent pattern. It had been either too strong or too east most of the day. Finally by late afternoon we had a nice window, and Woody and I raced up the hill and into the sky.

My rocket ship got me across the bay despite the easterly flow, and then I managed to complete the chronic loop under a lowering cloudbase. The lighting was beautiful, as it always seems to be at that time of day, with clouds opening to let beams of sun shine down to illuminate parts of the valleys. At one point a gorgeous curtain of rain was falling in the back of Kahana Valley, and the sunbeams lit it up like it was on fire.

We were joined later on by RK Jeff and Brian SB. Brian had an unfortunate encounter with some umbrella trees on the third ridge and broke his heel. Thanks to the boys at the Kaaawa Fire Station for the heroic job hiking him down. Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery, Brian!


firedave2 said...

I had a very late flight at Lanikai, my visiting brother, my dog and a few cute girls hanging around for entertainment. The girls were holding my dog, and after i launched Pua broke loose from the girls and appeared to run off the cliff behind me. Fortunately she stopped right above the big cliffs, but couldnt be seen from above. Lesson learned.

Alex said...

I guess you need to get a dog harness! She obviously wants to be up there with you!

Thom said...

Hey I will get a harness for Mochi and they can hang out barking at each other in the air.