Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween Treat

Oh, what tangled webs we weave on these treasured pages of the President's Log. This will be short because the details of this flight you have all heard a bunch of times. Maui Doug and I got a Halloween treat that etched a cavity into our memories that won't need to be filled until the next time we do it.

Our initial plan was to sneak out to Olomana and see if we could scare up enough lift to glide to Lanikai, where Ike and his family were having a beach day. Maui Doug stated that he had never done that before and I only did it once with Jorge & Mad Dog.

Upon arriving at Olomana skimming under the ghostly clouds we both relized that Lanikai was out. Maui Doug said should we drift down wind to the Pali? We both headed over I went to the Makapuu Side and he went into the middle. I started to get the feeling of going down the stairs of a dark basement. Sinking lower and lower with only St. Stephen's below us.

Suddenly.....a beep, I got lift but thought I was loosing my wing man. Maui Doug got super low and I was waiting for his call that he would be landing at St. Stephens. He made a final ditch effort for the Pali side of the out cropping and scratched back up.

It was so boyant once we were high, we kept going back and forth on how far to go. First was Kaneohe Park, still lifty, so we pushed on. We could hear Kahana pilots and Makapuu pilots chatting away. Alas, the sun chirped in or out as it was to make our destination Maui Doug's Kite Spot. Every epic flight has an end, but then you gotta get back to where you started.

Bonnie had called while we were in the air and said she was going to Kaneohe and would get us atleast that far. After we landed I gave her a call and could almost tell by the waiver in her voice that her plans had changed but she said she was on her way.

Once we were on the road, I found that her plans had changed, but she insisted on driving us to our vehicles at the other end of the island. She drove us all the way to Makapuu LZ, above and beyond the call. Doug and I wanted to treat her to dinner, so we pulled into Serg's in Waimanalo to find them closed.

We ended up at my house where a bunch of pilots were gathered, surprise surprise. Bonnie wasted no time got into a costume and was dancing at Barry's house down the street. I hope you had fun Miss Bonnie because you deserved it for coming to our rescue, I mean rescue too. Donna would have beheaded me if I had missed the Halloween Craziness of our street.

Again thanks to Bonnie for the retrieve.

Happy Halloween

JJ Jameson


Alex said...

Wow, really funny story Thom. And I love the picture. You guys both look like you have eaten way too much candy. And you're lit up with a ghostly pallor. And the clouds behind you look very spooky and scary. A good Halloween story and picture!

Maui Doug said...

Thanks so much Thom for the motivational phone call! I thought it was a little late to go for it (4pm), but we scored big time. It was the smoothest down range flight I have ever experience, next to our first long xc a few years ago. Thanks again Bon Bon for the retrieve! That was so cool of you :-)

Here's the link to the video...