Friday, November 09, 2012

Vive la France

Aurelia finally got a flight! This is just part of the news of Thursdays flying at Kahana. Aurelia, visiting us from France, had a crippling ankle injury that has made it hard for her to hike to our launches. Finally she decided to push herself up to North Launch, and she had a great flight and a smooth landing.

Allison is in the skies with us again, and she is honing her skills under the strict coaching of Master Woody Edwards. Kaaawa Larry has been staying high in the sky, and longer too. Visitor Erik got some airtime before he returns to his home site of Mussel Rock. Johnimo got a needed shot of sky-alis, but his visiting buddy hiked up the wrong launch and had to hike down. Joey had a 'joey', flying tandem with a gal from work. I had a short flight, a top landing, an attempted bay crossing, got beached, and then hiked up again for #3.

The Alex and Alaska Jason show was on again, kinda like Tom and Jerry these days, with Jason constantly on the heels of Alex. I think they did at least one Chronic. What will Alex do when Jason has to leave us? Fly alone again, naturally.

After hitting a beverage at the LZ I was tapped on the shoulder by Berndt, who has snuck back home for a bit. Jason let him use his Aspen 2 and of course he hiked back up to fly with Berndt. I think it was Jason's third hike of the day!

JJ Jameson

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