Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Year-end Election, Meeting and Party, Sat. Nov. 17

To all our local and visiting pilots and friends: please join us for our final quarterly meeting and party of the year, at 6 PM at Pete and Annette's new house in Kailua. This is the meeting where we'll elect our board of directors for next year, and we'll also celebrate many milestones of the past year with our second annual awards ceremony. As usual, the party is pot luck: please post in the comments if you know what you're going to bring. If we can cobble an agenda together ahead of time I'll also post it here. See you there!

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Anonymous said...

Pete really worked me to secure the location - especially since I will be out of town on business. Be aware I will be implementing some lessons-learned based on the last time I left town - you may not see me, but I will be there. Really. But please, still have fun! Annette

Unknown said...

I will be there with Matt Bergstrom (Seattle) and Justin Boer (Portland) to introduce everyone to my friends whom I will be flying with for the next nine days. Justin and I are T3/Instructors, and Matt a solid P3. We are also all BASE/SKYDIVER types as well.

Looking forwrad to beers and pulling brake with ya Monkey's again.

Jon Malmberg