Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Naughty & Nice List for 2013

Once again it was time to update our directory... I recieved the dues and waivers from the 2012 year end meeting. A little disappointed in the number of HPA waivers and from the hen scratching on the ones I did receive, it was a heck of a party! Hopefully you all know how to get on to the directory, so please check and see if you have all the stickers next to your name that are required to fly here. If you don't have the password call another pilot.

There should be a USHPA sticker and an HPA sticker next to your name in the directory. The more important one being the USHPA sticker. We really have to start buckling down on the USHPA membership to keep our site insurance, permits etc. current. USHPA membership is going to increase in Febuary and there are quite a few pilots here that need to get current.

USHPA membership can easily be done on line so get it going, Obama is leaving early and it may be flyable this weekend so get your USHPA memberships current.

HPA memberships can be updated by getting the form to me as well as our meager dues which pays for our USHPA chapter dues, site permits and insurances. This years deposit was smaller so far than years past.

It has been awhile since we have all looked at our gear, so go check it now. If you got gear issues get them fixed. I know a bunch of you have had your monkey butts sitting on your reserves for a long while too!

JJ Jameson has been quiet for way too long, no flying no stories. He can't wait to see that TFR story buried and this little ditty is not a coffee read. Watch out he's ready to blow off some steam, so get on the NICE list, get current, get flying and get him a story!!

Hopefully soon, 'Its Time to Fly Get Your Gear & Go'!!



Jeff "Roadkill" Johnson said...

I'm not on the list!

Thom said...

@Jeff means your on the nuaghty list until I get a HPA waiver from you.! your USHPA number I have and you expire 04/30/13 w/USHPA so that's good. Get me a waiver and I will be doing updates periodically.