Tuesday, January 01, 2013

3 Rings of 2012

What a Year, What a Place, What a Life. Today is a day to really reflect on how good we have it here on our little island. With an ice pack on my head I am writing this a little late for JJ but I heard even he's not really up yet and it will take a strong coffee to get him bitching this early.

I don't really have to write up the reflection of 2012, this blog pretty much has it covered, but just a log of the last day will be a story in itself. But the title does say 3 rings, short but sweet here it is, the weddings of: (1) MauiDoug & Shelly (2) Reaper & Annette and (3) Smooth & Mika. (1) & (2) have stories in the archives and now (3) will be there too.

The last day of 2012 we were blessed & cursed with having no Presidents on island. Blessed that Obama left and cursed that our true President was not here. The day started with hopes of long range missions but that was cut short even for AtomAnt.

All but 2 of us headed for MPU to get our last flight of 2012. Two renegades flew the forbidden lands of Tantalus as only they could. Manics started to fill up, the first fliers found the North winds pushing a squall in from Waimanalo so we darted for the target at MPU LZ.

A chat from Scrappy gave us an indication of where AtomAnt had landed this time. Scrappy: Who's the Paraglider taking a shower over belllows? His moto must be like the MailMan's cause not even torrential down pours stop him from racking up a few miles. So AtomAnt aka The Mail Man flew from Tantalus, over the Pali and tried to make it to MPU but with a drenched glider he had to set it down at Waimanalo School. He and his soggy gear had to settle for a ground trek to his goal.

Now the LZ was starting fill with eager last minute monkeys. Shuttles to manics were filled to the brim, AtomAnt figured it was great way to dry out his glider. There was no rain on this parade, for some reason it just hung there in Waimanlo. Para Park was on again, I have never seen the tourists so happy and interested in our sport. But alas I could only watch, no second flight for me, with my clock ticking short to get to the Last Ring of 2012.

I got a flight and the privelage of representing the HPA at the Wedding of our own Nikki 'Smooth' Johnson and our newest family member Mika. Congratulation to you two. As you can see I had it rough with Nikki's sisters guarded my mom.
So just a murky para-park ending for 2012 was enjoyed by all. AtomAnt did rack up a few more miles but he seemed to enjoy the para park. Roll Call of Last 2012 flights: Sidehill, Ike, MauiDoug, Frank, TommyRD, Jorge, AtomAnt, Phil, Bonnie, FiremanDave, Divot, Kevin, Reaper & Annette, McStalker, SeattleRick, Goto, Special appearance Dangler!

Aloha 2012!!!!!!!

It's Time to Fly, 2013 is fresh, Get Your Gear and Go!!!!!!!!

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