Friday, January 18, 2013


On this fair island, we are privileged to fly almost a dozen flying sites. We have come to refer to our three most frequently flown sites by fanciful airport style acronyms: KNA, MPU, and NAN. But there is a fourth flying site, not as frequently flown, that already has an official airport acronym - because it is actually an airfield! A handful of pilots flew at Dillingham Airfield today, and for me it was the first time in over a year. That's way too long - I forgot how much I love the Dill!

Five of us showed up, four of us hiked and flew, and one of us was lucky enough to thermal out to Kaena Point and back a couple of times. Thanks to Woody for helping Pete and me off the hill, leaving him to launch alone in the worsening cross direction - I owe him my whole wonderful flight. Next time it's your turn!

Roll call: me, Pete Reagan, Woody, Brian, and Maui Doug.

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Thom said...

Who wrote this????

This is not a coffee read its a mathmatical mystery.

5 showed up????? 4 Hiked and flew, then all of sudden 2 were in the air and Woody was left on launch. I think there is a few holes in this.

JJ does not like short stories with no names to match the math.

So JJ did some investigative reporting. Apparently North Shore Brian showed up later to make the fourth pilot. Maui Doug was smart enough to not even hike up, all though he did look a the signs at the climbing wall and decided that the fine was not worth a wing and the cost of another.

Now that the names match the math someone has got to replenish the Prez's Scotch so he can at least get his stories straight.

JJ Jameson unbelievably editing Alex's story.