Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Thank You from the Greens

Thank you for making our stay here so wonderful. We had a great time flying and hanging out with all of you guys. Your club here has such a diverse, interesting and entertaining group of people, and we are honored to be welcomed in it. Anytime you find yourselves in our area, we will surely extend the same for you.

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Thom said...

It was our pleasure and we got really lucky timing with Obama leaving and decent flyable weather.

When one travels with Aloha, you get Aloha back.

Ginni, you've raised two great kids in Phil and Anthony, I'm sure that Tim is just as outstanding.

We look forward to tracking your exploits so keep the media rolling.

Our doors will always be open for the Green Ohana, Please stay in touch.

Thom, Donna, Maile, Kalei & Mochi Therrien