Monday, February 18, 2013

Aloha HPA

Well, I am shipping out in a few days and I just wanted to tell all of you guys and gals how much I have enjoyed getting to know you and how much I will miss you. It has been only a bit more than a year since I took my first lessons from Pete but it feels much longer. Flying is a dream come true; and flying here is almost unbelievable if you think about it … Our little blue planet is so amazing, and Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on this planet, and Oahu has the best flying of any of the other islands; which means that you could quite possibly travel for several thousand light years out into deep space and never find a place as good as this to fly! I am also convinced that this little club of pilots is the best gaggle of friends that anyone could ask for. Don’t ever forget how truly blessed you are for all that you have!

Pete, thanks for teaching me how to fly! You have an infectious personality and that is what makes people follow you. People enjoy being around you. You have somehow managed to stay young at heart and I like that about you! Lead from your heart and don’t worry about being cool … you are cool; but more importantly you have a good heart.

Alex, this sport has both literally and figuratively given you wings to fly, and you have truly risen above all and become a great leader. I know that everyone in this club appreciates your hard work and sacrifice to make this club the best in the world. I appreciate your style and your artistic approach to everything you do. You have really used your gifts and talents to make the world a better place.

Bill, I really love how you see the world a little differently than most; You have an artistic way of seeing things that a lot of people overlook. I enjoy hearing your perspective on things. I am so thankful for second chances and I am glad that I got to meet you! FlyStrong!

Bonnie, I love your beautiful smile!! I also love your sense of adventure; you have a wonderful future laid out before you, rip off that rear view mirror and keep charging it!

Thom, what I admire about you (and Donna) most is your hospitality. You guys are so gracious to friends, guests, and strangers. I want to be like that! You are a real blessing to the group.

Allegra, I really love your sense of adventure! I wish we could have been closer friends; but that would have been awkward given the fact that I am married and you're single and beautiful. I know that we would have been really good friends. What I love most about you is your humble spirit, your generosity, and your laid-back way of loving life and the people around you!

Jim, it has been good to get to know you over these last few months. You really are a generous person; you are a blessing to the people around you!

Brent, you are such an encourager! I love that about you! I want to be more like you; unassuming, generous, encouraging, meek … great stuff!

… I could go on and on, right down the roster with only great things to say about all of the pilots that I have met here, but it would take up a lot of space and a lot of your time, but I do want to mention one more special friend; last, but certainly not least, Woody Edwards. It took me a little while to get to know you but I am so glad I did! Really, I don’t think any of us fully knows you because you are just too profound. But despite your skills and intellect, underneath it all you really are a humble person. I love your perspective on things and your elevated sense of awareness. You are a great friend and I will miss you.

I am going to miss all of you and miss flying here. I hope to return someday and I hope to see all of you again. Until then: aloha, be safe, have fun, and never forget how blessed you are.



Thom said...

Aloha Lake,
We kinda knew it was coming and most just stayed in denial, guessing that something might change and you would be staying.

Your mark on this club will never be forgotten with your heroic efforts at removing down gliders from trees, trail maintenance and the awesome shelters at Kahana that we all recently needed. Oh, and especially the signage in those shelters may all take hede to them.

I am sure your flying will not stop where ever you go, fly much and fly safe.

You will always be an Oahu Flying Monkey.

Let us know if your ever wandering this way again.

Thom "Sidehill" Therrien

Alex said...

Lake, you have been so generous with your expertise and talents in the short time we've known you. We will miss your cheerful spirit. Keep in touch and let us know what sort of flying opportunities you find back there. I'm sure you will make the most of them.

Bon Bon said...


Thank you for all that you've done for the club, and for me. You were always so generous to let me fly your wing whenever I wanted, I appreciate that. We will miss you. I hope you get to fly there; I know it won't be as awesome as flying on Oahu, but make the most of it and be safe. Keep in touch.


Brent said...

Lake...thank you for your kind words about me. I remember the first time I met you at Sandys. You were kiting and you were good. I remember being shocked when you told me you had just started kiting. Your progression in this sport has been phenomenal. I do worry about you though because you are absolutely fearless. You are such a mild mannered and mellow guy and then you transform like Clark Kent in the phone booth into Superman once your feet leave the ground. It has been my pleasure and honor to know you Lake and I hope our paths cross again. Aloha Brent

MauiDoug said...

It was great to meet and fly with you Lake! Thanks again for all of your hard work and improvements on our flying sites! Its been fun watching you progress so far and so fast! We wish you and your family all the best in your new adventure! Whats next...paramotor?
Much aloha :-) Doug & Shelly

Waianae Jim said...

Lake - I'll certainly miss your enthusiasm and positivity. Best wishes to you, your wife and sons for health, happiness and success.
I'm sure you'll seek out new adventures and hope you'll discover established areas and maybe even pioneer some new sites when you get settled. God Bless you all!

Mike M said...

Aloha Lake you will be missed

Anonymous said...


Take care of yourself and that sweet family of yours. I will not forget our goat rescue. It makes me smile every time I think of it.
Fly safe!


Divot Steve said...

Aloha Lake. Wish you and your family the best. Hopefully you guys can come back and visit someday.


Allegra said...


Thank you for the kind words - I really think that sometimes, friendship is all about timing and circumstance! I've always admired your enthusiasm in lending a hand and also your ability to see when someone needs it. That's such a rare quality and one I want to have. I hope you and your family's next adventure is absolutely epic. I know you are meant to fly - so... see you in the air somewhere!