Wednesday, March 06, 2013

3 Days, 5 Years, 3 Sites

All these numbers have to be indicating that our 2013 Flying Frenzy should now begin … but it's March already … ah, third month. Gotta be a sign. I guess my fingers thawed first and I had JJ's gravelly cigar voice in my head saying it just might be your turn. Bonnie and Alex wrote the last few and we know the rest of the flying monkeys have keyboard issues (they haven't found a way to open a beer with one).

Roland started my day off with a call, "I just had to cancel my kite boarding lessons, too light". I looked up the sensors and told him, "Yup, Lanikai could work, just be careful". That was all he needed to hear, click, he was gone.

I was on school bus duty taking kids home when they noticed, "Dad, there's a wing over Lanikai!!" There sure was and it was a wing over and over again. Roland was having too much fun.

Finally Nova was going to get some air time at MPU. His mom was in town and took a bus tour from Waikiki to Sea Life Park. I was to drive Jinju to the LZ where she could hoop and hang with Nova's mom. I was destine for MPU for today so I told the girls to get what ever they wanted to bring to Makapuu get it in 10 minutes cause daddy wants some airtime.

It was perfect at Makapuu, but we all know the story of the King's Drum, 'It's perfect at Makapuu lets go to Kahana.' I couldn't believe there was only 2 gliders up. Maui Doug on a Tandem and Nova upside down in his Thriller.

I quickly set up a tent for Nova's mom. He landed to say hi to his mom and wife, looked at me and said let's go. Crazy Man's was the call, Nova told me to go first since he already flew. I laid out the Cayenne4 for its first Hawaii flight. Launched and was off.

Doug had already landed and Nova had a wing issue and went to meet the life guards. Crazy Man's was now closed due to our deal with the lifeguards and paid our tax. So far we have maintained this symbiotic relationship.

I was up alone until Goto went buzzing by underneath me at Rabbit. TommyRD, got a birthday launch at Juice on his new Artic3. Followed by Franky and 5-0 on their smaller wings.

I went down to the corner a few times and looked towards Pyramid, I could hear the KNA gang but couldn't quite see them. Some bantering went on but the overall conclusion was that we were all cold, wimps. I think we are all going to have to hang out in the Costco vegetable coolers to get ready for any mainland adventures.

I did venture out over Rabbit further than I had ever been. This was the last picture I got that came out before I stowed the camera.  I could see into the pond in the back and then I looked over the side to see the peak.  I was fine until I looked back toward land, wow that seems like a long ways.  I got nervous then headed back. Big baby, I thought to my self as I arrived back to the lift ban loosing only 150', this C4 has some glide. I am trying to figure out how to do a flight log off my GPS but I will need to go to geek school for that I guess.

I tried to wait for Scrappy who was eking his way through Waimanalo traffic but I had been up for awhile and a family dinner was awaiting.  While packing the gear Scrappy got a flight on his new TrangoXC2.  Darn Reaper's is too big and Scrappy's is too small, I guess fly both then interpolate.

3 straight days of documented decent flyable days. FlyStrong's 5 years of victory on the 2nd day then 3 sites- Kahana, Lanikai and Makapuu on the 3rd day.  Monkeys, I would hate to jinx us but I really think.

It's Time to Fly Get Your Gear (good gloves and sleeves) and Go!!!

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Ka'a'awa Larry said...

Come on Thom, you have a GoPro now and the only thing you can manage for a really nice story is a shot of a deserted island partially obscured by the snout of your pod. JJ ain't gonna be too pleased!