Thursday, March 07, 2013

A Peek at the Backside

I love those rare days when we're able to soar a lifty line offshore to glimpse a view from behind one of our lovely nearshore islets, an iconic perspective normally reserved for powered aircraft. Of course we prefer to reserve enough altitude to return to our starting place, or at least land back on the main island! If anyone ever miscalculates and has to land on an islet, I sure hope their helmet camera is running, so I can enjoy that perspective from my armchair!

On Tuesday, at about the same time that Thom was heading out to take a peek at the backside of Rabbit Island at Makapuu, I was enjoying a surprise view of the back of Mokolii from two thousand feet above, with the assistance of some very lifty clouds overhead. I don't think I've ever been that high there!

I was leading a charge of what would end up being thirteen pilots flying at Kahana. Four of us eventually crossed the bay. Duck continued past Kualoa for a fun landing at Waiahole after soaring the mudflat thermals there for a while. Gaza and Jim returned to Kahana after a nice tour of Kaaawa. And one very happy pilot wrapped up a bow tie for his longest distance in over four months.

Roll call: Komata from Japan, AK Gerry, AK Brett, me, Woody, Duck, Bonnie, Roland, Jeff, Kevin, Jeff, Jim, Gaza.

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Thom said...

I didn't quite make a back side rabbit run but I think I will have the guts to make it next time.

Thanks for the ink, hope to be back in action soon.