Monday, March 04, 2013

Unicorns and Butterflies

Forecasters had called for yet another day of strong and gusty wind. But against those odds, a dozen pilots hiked Kahana today and ten of them flew. A bunch of us waited out the strange and super easterly conditions on the hill, until Jim just couldn't stand it, and he launched first to show us it was working. It turned out to be strong but quite pleasant. Magical, even.

Scrappy had posted on the chat box asking for an update, as we waited on the hill with waning expectations. I responded with a sarcastic quip about flying with unicorns and butterflies. That's how unlikely this flying day was.

So it was a huge surprise when all of us got airborne. Unicorns and butterflies! After flying around a while with those magical creatures, a few of us proceeded to enjoy a truly unexpected out and back cross country trip to Punaluu. Jim and Maui Doug followed me over there, and then Jim followed me back to Kahana, although he took a much lower line than necessary!

Kudos to Scrappy and AK Gerry for hiking down rather than contending with the gusty squall lines that were coming in at the end of the day. Thanks to Maui Doug for the refreshments!

Roll call: Maui Doug, me, Jim, Thom, Woody, Flystrong, Bonnie, Harvey, AK Gerry, AK Brett, Scrappy, Roland.


Thom said...

Gee I didn't even have to B**ch to get this little coffee diddy. Thanks for the log Alex. It was just that shot in the arm I needed to get me smiling again.

Kalei and Mochi had a blast too I think that was the first launches Mochi has ever seen and was quite intrigued. Mochi was thankful again for your front yard for another family reunion.

Hopefully this was a sign of our weather straightening out.

DaveZ said...

Alex- my favorite part of that video was seeing a lot of my favorite people at the end - and their smiles. Hope to get back soon!

Thom said...

Oh, Another great video by Back Yard Productions. I am still partial to ink and color, but this moving color guided by a tune is starting to grow on me.

Till the day that the movie is better than the book, I will still prefer ink.

Thanks again.

JJ Jameson

Waianae Jim said...

Another nice write up and video, El Presidente. Thanks again to all of my friends for letting me scout things out and for cheering me on silently while I pushed back across from Punalu'u. I was trying as best I could to follow Alex's line but the speed and glide the alien craft once again eluded me. That newly cleared area seems to give one a little more margin for error when coming in low since you can now clearly see most obstacles and plan your alternate landing easier. Hope to get out there for more fun later in the week.