Monday, June 17, 2013

Right Wing Party

Ahhh, got you!! I bet you thought this was going to a be a politically motivated story, but alas you are wrong … and so was the weather man! I had to work this Monday, so looking at the weather really did not matter to me at all. I looked instead at my schedule: inspection in Punaluu. Oh great, I get to drive by my favorite flying spot and watch kitesurfers tearing it up. I took off and tried not to look as my truck reluctantly drove past the Kahana parking lot.

A long work day was now complete, and it was noon. Okay, I did work for a solid 2 hours. I decided to give Woody a call and see if he wanted to go to lunch. We had a most wonderful Thai lunch at the wagon in Kahuku, my first trip there. It was even better because I had forgotten my wallet. Thanks, Woody. During lunch the wind seemed to be subsiding, and a short chat with Alex gave us some motivation to meander on back to Kahana to take a peek.

We were so motivated that we decided to stop by Duck and Ginger's to say hello. Finally we pulled into Kahana and trudged toward the beach. Why are we doing this to ourselves? It can't be good. We stared out to sea, then at each other, then back to the sea, ending with our eyes rolling up to the clouds. No words were spoken. We did not want to jinx it. We got our bags and started hiking. Yes, even I was quiet, but inside giddy as hell.

The trail is starting to become overgrown due to lack of use. Oh, but it felt good to be heading up the hill. Hiking down was never a thought, but somehow, between the beach and launch it seemed to have changed. Bit stronger than we thought it would be. But a quick look at the sensors gave us a jolt to "Get Our Gear and Go!" Woody and I wanged it over for quite some time, and then buzzed the launch to see if top landing was on the menu. Nope, but a flight to the LZ was sure satisfying.

We flew for an hour but did not sound the alarm, since it was a short window. A small party of two snuck one in today and you had to have the Right Wing to join this Party.

It's Time to Fly???? Seriously!!! Get Your Gear, if you can remember where you put it, and how to use it, and Go!!!


sandy said...

Just cause you got away with this one, don't think you can apply for 501(c) tax evasion status! ;-)

Alex said...

Thom, thanks for the story! Glad you guys got a little airtime. I think you might have just won the prize for the silliest story title ever.