Thursday, July 04, 2013

XC Potential

Oahu's twin curses of low cloud base and strong wind often limit our XC flying options, but in those conditions, at least for mere mortals on standard size wings, the XC potential tends to be higher at Kahana, due to its position in the foothills of the Koolau range.

I made the most of that potential today, flying with Woody, Sebastian, Maui JJ, Calgary Dan, Mad Dog, Jim, Johnimo, Drew and Duck. The wind speed and direction were all over the map, and so was I, plotting a 13 mile bowtie course around various points from Kualoa to Punaluu during a marathon 3 1/2 hour flight. On my freshly relined craft, I soared as high as 2,800 feet in between clouds with bases as low as 2,000 feet. My spaceship took me across the bay when the sensor was reading 86 degrees, and again later when it read 75 degrees, for the most easterly crossings ever.

It was a bit lonely up there, but thanks to Mad Dog and Jim for trying to keep up with my rocket ship. It was great to see Calgary Dan redeem himself after yesterday's pasture mishap, with a dreamy three hour flight at cloud base above Puu Piei. Over the radio I could hear the Makapuu boys staying local and enjoying what Thom described as soporifically sweet airtime.

Hopefully today's great XC flight is a harbinger of XC potential for the summer season!

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Thom said...

Great write up, The trip for KNA to MPU is still on my list. MPU to KNA is always on my list but this time with a turn around and making an attempt back.

LETS DO THIS and getter done.

Thanks for the coffee read.