Sunday, August 18, 2013

Damn it, it's Duck's Fault!

That's what my response to my wife was when she called after not hearing from me for over 4 1/2 hours. But at least this time it did not involve multiple bottles of scotch. As you know from the last post, I had picked up Duck yesterday and delivered him home. Karma luck got me a solo flight with Woody. If you haven't done this you should. We are working on a Woody translation book so that even you can become a better pilot.

Sunday: a day with the family. NOT, I said. "But it's not looking that good, so I may be home by 1pm". WRONG!! My first flight got hexed by a squall, and good judgment sent me and Steve (a Woody student) to the beach. Stalker managed to see it dissolving and stayed up for what must have been at least a 2 our flight.

I packed and headed back up the hill but it seemed the wind was weakening.   So I grabbed the XC Bag. I had an interesting launch with my radio antennae poking me in the eye, I yanked the braked and was aloft. I had to fly with only 'One-Eye'. The tears subsided and after several attempts to cross the bay I made it, with very little Crouching Lion Grovel. No one even knew I made it over, almost like when Alex does it, no one cares its just the norm.

Hidden Valley was the most up I have ever had, getting to 1900' for an easy ride to Kaaawa. Then boomers to cloud base, which unfortunately was capped at 2400'. A cross of the Jurassic Park Valley to Kualoa netted, yuk, could only get to 2100 + feet. But now I heard from someone it was Joey, my Rat Race compadre. He had made it across and was headed over. I told him that the lift at Kualoa was just on the spine and capping off around 2K with occasional pops to 2100'.

I had been flying for 4 hours, ate one granola bar out of my deck, no water.  "Joey, I am coming back over there, no lift here and I am freaking hungry." I traversed the valley to join Joey at Kaaawa, we got a little picture session in and then I just had to land.

I was supposed to be home long before now, oh well, my family is used to being second seat to my addiction. Upon landing I found my scapegoat, "It's your fault, it's your fault!" Poor Duck was beside himself as he was now reluctantly handing me a beer, so I explained, "You brought the flyable weather, so I had to, now I am in trouble." Duck just said, "So, tell me something new, you're always in trouble, cheers!"

There were pilots tearing it up today, Drew flying multiple flights, Steve (Woody prodigy), Woody with Brice (another new prodigy). Divot, Stalker (leading the day). Sidehill, Joey and visitor Aiken. Duck of course was jet lagged but had to come by to say, "Hi".

I don't want to jinx it, but, "It's Time to Fly, Get Your Gear and Go!" If you need an excuse, just say, "It's Duck's fault". Worked for me.

PS To Alex: the only reason we were allowed to get across is because the mountains on that side were lonely and allowed it, they said they miss your daily visits.

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Alex said...

Nice one. I was definitely with you in spirit! I love that pic from offshore of Mokolii and the Kualoa fishpond.