Friday, August 23, 2013

Ninety Degrees

Yesterday we heard there were some fun flights in light easterly conditions at Makapuu, with some pilots jumping over the back to Koko and Sandys. Meanwhile Kahana really seemed too east - the Punaluu sensor registered an unrelenting 90 degrees all day. But Woody and I decided to check it out anyway in the late afternoon, and I'm glad we did! The thermals were going off all over the ridge. We thermaled a thousand feet above cloud base and hopped a few ridges downrange as the most gorgeous afternoon light filtered through the clouds. Thanks to The Bus for the retrieve!


Anonymous said...

That video's awesome! I especially liked Woody's commentary at the end!


Thom said...


Great video, usually the book is better than the movie but it seems that the author is gone more producer than writer. Must have something to with that Apple 'Cloud' stuff.

Maui JJ said...

Incredible footage Alex. You and Woody dancing in a mesmerizing skyscraper!

Maui JJ said...

Make that "skyscape".