Thursday, September 05, 2013

Bound for Glory

A dozen pilots charged downrange from Makapuu yesterday. Trade winds were light, clouds were high, and we knew we were bound for glory. Or at least Olomana. Jorge had mentioned a plan of heading to Lanikai, and I said, why stop there, let's connect the dots from Makapuu to Lanikai to Kahana. Well, we didn't even get close to that pipe dream. But man, was it a fun day to turn circles and go places. Here's to more like that.

Jorge made it Lanikai under a beautiful cloud street, and I came in a while after, but under more of a blue hole, and I wasn't high enough to squeak in to Lanikai, so I diverted my course to Kailua Beach at the last moment. Not my smartest approach. I got away with it, but I am taking that route off of my list of good ideas. Don was with me for a long time at Olomana, but ended up landing at Kailua High School, where he was surprised to see Tyler heading out to meet him. Thom made it to Puu O Kona or Green Walls before turning around to land and pick us all up. I think Maui Doug went down to Green Walls too, before coming back for a tandem. And Joey flew a tandem too.

As we drove back we could see Dave and ScottyG charging past the Pali. Clouds were higher and conditions looked even better. We scrambled back and relaunched, hoping to chase those guys, but as soon as we got up to leave Ironwoods, the cloudbase dropped like a brick, to just over two grand. That put the brakes on any plan to go places, but it sure was beautiful to soar three grand over Puu O Kona with towering castles forming below and around me.

Later we heard that Dave and ScottyG had parted ways at the Pyramid, with Dave missing the peak by a very small margin to dirt in Waikane, and ScottyG heading out to land in Kaaawa Valley. Gaza was on his way to get them, but Dave couldn't wait, so he caught the bus back to Castle Junction to wait for the transfer. But he was lucky to be spotted by Quentin, who picked him up for the rest of the ride. After he got back he found out his van had a ticket for being in Frank's spot at Manics. Still probably not a bad price for a beautiful trip from Makapuu to Waikane!

Reaper and Tyler showed up for the final session and headed out for a sunset tour of Green Walls at cloud base.

Thanks again to Thom for the retrieve! And thanks to Ike for the cold refreshments. Roll call: Gaza, ScottyG, Dave, Joey, MDoug, Frank, Thom, Jorge, Ike, Johnimo, Reaper, Tyler, me.


Bill said...

Man, these sound like my kinda days!!
Fantastic shots in these last few stories.
I get my "wings" back in 4-weeks when household goods delivered to my temporary Pacific Northwest flying HQ. Thermal research is already underway.
F.S. (in WA)

Thom said...

Yup, day had potential. I was stuck on Juice with not enough to fill the wing. Finally got airborn and headed out for the chase. I was too late the waves of clouds cut me short way before Puakono. I thought I heard you and Jorge saying that it was too low to go further so you opted for Lankai. Knowing I could not make it there and not sure where ike went down I headed back to Makapuu to go on retrieve. On our way back the wave was high again and we all re-launched to chase again. Puakono was it and clouds came in on me for a second time. I went back again but at least this time with company.

Anytime flying with your comrades is always a good flight.