Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cross Country Quintet

Say that fives times fast! Five pilots flew all over Koolauloa yesterday from Mokolii to Hauula, turning in thermals, crossing valleys, navigating between towering clouds with low bases, making low saves, and all returning to land at Kahana.

Woody manned the fort at Puu Piei while Joey and I scoured the clouds for bogies at Kualoa, with a nice little circuit over Mokolii. Later on JK crossed over and we passed him as we headed back. JK followed us back and the three of us zipped to Punaluu, while I punched deeper to Hauula under a huge black cloud bank. We all returned to Kahana just in time to see Thom and Ike heading for Kualoa for a quick loop before returning for sunset refreshments.

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Thom said...

I always hate hearing when your crossing the bay, "Thom, you got it!!!" When I am half way across at 1500' "NO I DON'T!". Well this was a weird day cause I did with NO Grovel Pit. I did get chased back from Kualoa by a Black Bottom Baby, which disappeared as Ike cruised over.

We are getting some wierd weather patterns but as long as we are flying them it's all good.

Thanks for the coffee read.