Monday, November 04, 2013

Mini-wing Mayhem

A brisk day at Kahana brings out the crazies every time. And Sunday was no different. Eleven desperate souls converged from all corners of the island to try their hands at high wind flying and kiting. We made it all work, after a fashion, and I'd like to say that no one was injured in the production of this film, but I can't exactly say that. Anyway I think everyone will be fine real soon. The thing about a mini-wing flight is that most of us just aren't wired to process information that fast. It's five minutes of adrenaline you'll never get back!

Drew started the day with a quick flight from east launch to the beach under his 16m Firefly 2. Then I convinced him to hike to north launch with me, because I know 4 out of 5 experts recommend that ridge for mini wings. The plan was for Drew to top land so I could try it, but after soaring nicely for five minutes, he went to the beach instead. I hiked down and then hiked back up to east launch with Drew, Woody and JJ, and Woody and I got to play with Drew's wing. What a fun little sports car! We top landed, and then Drew flew it down to the beach.

Meanwhile George hiked up and flew his super tiny 12m Fazer down to the beach. Drew hiked back up for a fourth time, and Woody and I got to fly again, and top land again. George flew a brief flight and top landed. Then JJ got to try a very brief flight and he top, um, landed. Then Drew flew down to the beach for the last time. Then George flew again and top, er, landed. The four of us hiked down and sent George off with Sebastian to get checked out.

Meanwhile Duck, Reaper and Tyler showed up to check out the scene. We watched as the kiting sessions began. Jonathan, JJ, Bryce and Drew were tearing up the sand in the brisk flow. Conditions were coming down almost to the point where we could fly normal size wings, but it was still a bit on the brisk side, so everyone opted to wait for a better all around day for that.

Thanks to Drew for sharing his sweet ride with the rest of us. Thanks to Reaper for the tasty beverages. Thanks to Sebastian for taking George to get checked out. It's good news so far and we'll keep everyone posted.

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Unknown said...

awesome video Alex! love it.