Monday, December 23, 2013

Have Wing, Will Travel

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” –Winston Churchill

Glider pilots are optimists. It’s in our blood. We hike up mountains on marginal days in hope of any window to dance in the skies. We seek out that one last puff of lift to extend our already euphoric flights. We talk about flying again when we come back down from flying.

Yesterday I took the opportunity of a restricted airspace over Oahu to visit and fly Maui! Saying it was heaven on earth would be an understatement. Similarly in the recent past I experienced what could only be defined as “living within a dream” in the skies over Kauai.

When we temporarily lose our airspace privileges to a certain guest on Oahu it can be seen as a wonderful opportunity and reason to experience some of the most beautiful flying in the world, above our neighboring islands! Our Flying Monkey ‘Ohana throughout the islands welcomes pilots with open arms to experience the beauty of Hawaii from above.

Our monkey leaders have established a contact list for flying the many sites across the island chain. It is vital to contact these island representatives to establish consistent safety practices and to preserve the freedom to soar these sites for generations to come.

Dream big. Go far!


firedave2 said...

Nice James, good point seeing the bright side of things.

I am doing it a little different, staying around, surfing, running, hanging with non-flying friends.

As a flying addict, I am usually just trying to find a way to get out fly, neglecting those other parts of life.

It is a nice forced break.

Thom said...

Great perspective James, and thanks for yet more coffee enriching ink.

I concur with Fireman, time to get other things done. Glad I don't have an addiction to flying!! Cause I am enjoying the time off, getting stuff done around the house and being with my family.

Ok, maybe that wasn't totally true, I am hoping to sneak outer island in before the New Year.

Sidehill using Ike's computer.

Alex said...

To soar these sites for generations to come. Yes, we can. Yes, we will. :-)