Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Northwest Passage Denied

With the absence of our president and most prolific writer, this world wide chronicle has been barren of new ink. Yesterday the skies looked better than ever, but the NNW winds never let their guard down, and squelched any chance for the sea breeze to prevail. The clock is ticking on our tiny island: soon President Obama will be arriving, and forcing us into exile as ground walkers. A strong group of flyers headed out this day to fight the northwest winds.

Veso (our secret weapon from Bulgaria), Mad Dog and Jorge (two of our top aces), and Maui Tim (on his first voyage out of the Makapuu realm) set off to fight this wall of wind. I had stayed back at launch to help a few others scramble to join the forces.

Crazyman's launch earned it's name today, with cross wind take offs. Pilots took off facing north and then turned 180 toward Manics, forcing them to dig deep into their bags of luck as they soared low across the beach below, praying for that pop up in the bowl. Everyone survived, but there were some tenacious saves.

Dusty, from San Francisco, was my last to aid. Jetflap, who had flown earlier with Co. Kevin, was at launch to give me an assist. I was off, and as I flew over to Manics, JK was setting up. I waited over Sea Life Park, getting whatever I could to climb higher. JK trained his "heat seeker" on me, trailing up behind me and then past me, leading the charge of the second battalion to the north.

When we passed Ironwoods, Heat Seeker just kept going, never stopping. He was in hot pursuit. But I wasn't feeling it. I have been plagued for the last few days with anxiety about the Obama visit. Just the thought of being grounded for 2 weeks was making me ill. Mad Dog called to say everyone had dirted out at Maunawili, so I decided to retreat. I landed to go rescue our fallen warriors.

By the time I touched down, Veso's maiden had set off on retrieve. JK was still at large. There were sightings of him going down at the Pali. Finally, communications were opened, and I was off to pick him up at St. Stephens. He had no car at the LZ. His wife had dropped him off with orders to fly home or catch a ride. Like the good husband he is, he did both.

Hear ye, Hear ye! To all pilots near and far! Today and tomorrow, before exile is upon us, we will stage epic battles. We will need all and sundry to pilgrimage and help us ink these pages. We have heard from our sky god, Doug Hoffman, who is en route and looking for armor. I have also recieved word from our Canadian champion, Brett, who is trying to sneak through the borders to aid us in our inkless plight.

Remember the dates of our banishment: (as of this writing) Dec 20 at 11:30 PM - Jan 5 at 8 PM. We will be ground walkers. Frankly I think the world would be a lot safer with all these monkeys in the air, but what do I know.

It's Time to Fly, Get Your Gear and Finish 2013 In a Blaze of Glory!!!!!!!

Of course without Alex here, and with the dreaded holidays upon us, JJ Jameson will be even bitchier than usual for a story so be prepared.

Alas, the roll call of combatants: Jetflap, Co. Kevin, Veso, Jorge, Mad Dog, Maui Tim, SF Dusty, JK, Sidehill. TommyRD arrived to the sparring chamber to wield his wing in preparation for the last battles of 2013.

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frank said...

We will be Pickle flyers.