Monday, February 24, 2014

Kaena Calling

A dozen fortunate souls soared for many hours and miles today under the low clouds that brushed the emerald ridges of Kaena Point. We danced with sailplanes, skydivers and albatrosses, rode thermals from the end of the point to the foot of enshrouded Mt. Kaala, and touched down all over the pastures and cliffs, watching whales leaping skyward from the sea as if to join us from the azure depths.

And did I mention? The cross country hex is officially broken! I flew my longest distance in almost three months, and many others ventured past their previous bests. What a treat to find such sweet fat thermals mixed into the smooth ridge lift. And pilots were top landing all over the place: the pasture, the knob, and other creative spots.

At one point I saw someone standing up on the knob all by himself, with no gear laid out. He was just sort of looking around intently. I thought I saw something in his hands. And then I saw a miniature aircraft darting around just above him. Are you kidding me? Who would hike up to the knob with a toy airplane on a perfect flying day like this? But upon closer inspection, I realized it was an albatross, and that it was Drew standing up there getting ready to unpack his speed wing for a second flight.

I also heard that the hex was broken for Dave as well, as he navigated between low clouds from Makapuu to Olomana, with Thom following as far as Puu O Kona. And JK stepped to the music of a different drummer, thermaling under a low cloud base all by himself at Nanakuli. Amazing that we had three sites working so well today. Great job to everyone for doing their part to figure out this tricky winter weather!

Great to see Lars and Garrett and Harvey launch the knob for the first time. Thanks to Ike for helping the new guys. Thanks to Diane for the snacks. Thanks to Waialua Brent for the ride back from my outlanding at the monastery.

Roll call: Drew, Steve, Sebastian, Woody, Ike, Garrett, BC Lars, Harvey, Alex, Commander John, Brian, Jamin.

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Thom said...

Thanks Alex,
Not sure if I enjoyed this one, only because I got Sidetracked at the house with various duties built up during my absence.
Wish I was there for this one still gotta get the Sweet Pickle from Kaena to Kalaa. One of these days.