Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Thrill of the Chase

Since we were released from our temporary banishment six weeks ago, pilots have flown nine different sites around the island, most of them more than once. Variety is the spice of our wintertime flying life! In the gaps between the numerous frontal passages, troughs and lows, the most determined and desperate among us have managed to fly somewhere almost every day.

Two of our most determined and desperate monkeys didn't find this variety spicy enough, so they left for Mexico almost two weeks ago. On their way out, they threw a little hex on their comrades at home to prevent any XC flying. We've flown seven or eight days since then, but sure enough, we aren't getting high or going anywhere. We've chased it all over the island and we've been rewarded with plenty of scratchy, squall dodgy, thermic airtime, but various factors like clouds and stability have kept us local.

But those Hexicans didn't count on just how determined and desperate this crew can be. We can't wait until they come back to have the curse lifted. We need to fly XC now! We'll just have to chase it even harder! The next few days look promising. Hope to see some of you determined and desperate souls out there...

Roll call: Nanakuli, Makua, HDH, Kaena, Makapuu, Kahana, Koko Crater, Koko Head, Diamond Head, and probably more than I'm forgetting.

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Thom said...

HEXICANS!! we left after a long drought of repeatedly dismal flying. Grant it they were flights. But I remember a damaged wing pilot's infamous saying,"You'll get a flight!". Then upon hideous landings he would mutter,"Just, not a good one.....hehehe."

I don't believe we cast any hex but according to our weather guru, Alex, this was a typical winter. Living with JJJ is bad enough, an inkless JJJ is unbearable! We left to protect you all from his ranting and storyless mood swings. We should be regarded as the Patron Saints of Peacefulness during the seasonal weather woes. Oh, and must not you forget who lured us to this Mexican Flying Utopia. but our comrade from Seatle, Motorhead, whose homeland weather now plagues our island. We just fell under his spell of daily flying, great food and wonderful people. Alas we may return, but who knows!